10 tips to earn the respect of your readers

10 tips to earn the respect of your readers

I am regularly asked what are the secrets to break into blogging. I always say the same thing: to be close to its readers. Over the years, you’ve got to know me. In fact, I revealed to As of my articles to be closest to you (I would almost say that you are my second family !!!). In short, do not leave used tissues right away, but rather read my 10 tips to be close to your readers …

1. Responding to comments from the blog
One of the things disappearing on a blog, it is the comments. If one of your readers took a few minutes to leave one, give him 2 minutes of your time to answer him. It’s the least we can do. A little civility in this world of crude does not hurt!

2. Comment on other blogs
Similarly, you can also leave comments on other blogs. Admittedly, this may take time, but you will get it for free!

3. Share content from other bloggers
Social networks are ideal for this kind of process. Personally, I do it on Twitter. Every day, an article by another blogger has posted on my accounts. It is now a ritual, every Sunday I plan an article a day for each of my accounts.

4. Linker other blogs
What do you enjoy most about your blog? Let me guess: have a link from another blogger! Now, have you set up everything you need to get? For example, do you do on your side? I do you say enough: we must give to receive wink icon 10 tips to earn the respect of your readers.

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5. Thank to your readers
Behind each player hides a personality that will provide little more than a blog. Remember to thank them from time to time. A competition with a gift to the key, an article specially written for them, surprise them!

6. Reply to emails
If one of your readers you applied by mail, take the time to respond. I know these things take time but try to group your answers. Set a specific time to open and respond to your emails and limit yourself to a few lines.
Not only will you be productive, but in addition you will gain respect for your reader!

7. Revealing some secrets
Attention, I’m not talking about your having sex you have with your neighbor or your cat! No, I would recommend adding a few details about yourself: name, surname, photo, course.

8. Providing quality content
Your readers will respect you if you offer quality content. Give them shit and you eat in your face!
Take your time, you re-read and correct you.

9. Do not take your readers for idiots!
This joined a little earlier, but you really put you in mind. This is certainly the key to this article: do not take people for idiots. If you enjoy it, that you will fall over one day or another. Do not play with fire.

10. Join players on social networks
Your readers certainly have Twitter accounts, Facebook and all the “patacoufin.” Join them, add them to your account, please go to them.

And you, what solution do you have in place to gain respect from your readers? What advice do you have?

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