13 Things You Must Know Before You Go to Australia

13 Things You Must Know Before You Go to Australia

Vacation to Australia is no longer impossible for Indonesian tourists. With the distance that is not so far, flights to a number of cities in Australia can be reached in only about five hours. There are a number of popular destinations in Australia that can be visited by Indonesian tourists. Perth, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Fremantle, to Rottnest Island. Before exploring Australia, travelers should know the following 10 things on The Culture Trip:

1. Learn the local language

Australians speak English, but they tend to have slang words that are different from English in other regions.For information, here are a few things to keep in mind:

– Thongs = flip-flops

– Tomato sauce = tomato sauce

– Chuck a u-ey = spinning

– Do you want to join us for tea? = dinner invitation

– Brekkie = breakfast

2. Summer is different throughout Australia

Every Australian city has a different type of summer. Summer in Perth usually tends to be dry, while in Brisbane it is usually damp and cold. While in Darwin, summer occurs throughout the year.

3. Australia is very large

Although smaller than other continents, but Australia has several very broad states. Maybe a traveler thinks he can move from one city to another by airplane. This is because Australia is the largest country and has many cities. From countries – countries other

4. Will not see wildlife

Kangaroo in Donelly River, Western Australia Traveler might imagine seeing a kangaroo or wild koala on the side of the road, but it will not happen. As the area develops, wild animals begin to look for life in the deep forest to stay away from humans and choose a place to live which is more comfortable and safer. If you want to see wild animals, the best way is to visit a wildlife park.

5. Smoking is not cool

For smokers, it is best to stop smoking while on holiday in Australia. Australia has a law that burdens smokers with a high price of cigarettes. A pack of cigarettes in Australia is priced at 40 Australian dollars.

6. Team Tam is a favorite snack

Team Tam In Australia, Team Tam is anyone’s favorite snack. The taste is very different from in Indonesia. In Australia there are many factories that develop the team’s products. No wonder if there are various flavor variants of Team Tam being sold in a number of shops. Travel can also bring Team Tam back to Indonesia to be used as souvenirs. And the price is very affordable

7. Australians don’t have change

Australian dollars in the form of banknotes, in the absence of pennies in the form of coins. Normally any seller will round up the price of his merchandise to the nearest five cents. Thus, the smallest change provided is five cents. This is why Australians do not have any change because change is considered burdensome d = if taken everywhere

8. The car drove on the left side

Similar to Indonesia, the steering wheel of the car is on the right and the car is driving on the left side. This is certainly beneficial for Indonesian tourists who want to visit Australia and rent a car in Australia. Certainly the traveler does not have to familiarize himself with the right steering wheel which is usually applied in other countries Thus we can make it easier for us

9. Call 000 during an emergency

Firefighters in Australia When emergencies occur, a traveler can call 000. Later the traveler will be directed to the police, fire department, or ambulance, according to an emergency that is experienced. This is to facilitate everyone when an emergency situation occurs and someone will immediately call without having to confuse which number to call

10. Don’t give a tip

Tipping may be common in a number of countries. But in Australia, tipping should be avoided. The reason is that the minimum wage (UMR) in Australia is much higher than in other countries, so the tip does not apply to all jobs All costs are included in the bill, so there is no need to add a tip

11. Cheap transportation

If you visit several places in Australia you can use budget airlines in Australia such as Tigerair and Jetstar. Prices tend to be cheaper if you travel in the morning or evening. Because transportation is provided by the government to make it easier to visit tourist attractions wherever we want.

Sites like Wotif and Last Minute can help with flight bookings in Australia. In big cities in Australia there are often free bicycle rentals. This is so that tourists do not get too tired visiting or even surrounding cities in Australia.

Some cities, such as Melbourne, Perth, and Adelaide, offer free public transportation if you are traveling in the city center. Suitable for those who like to shop to save your money.

12. Accommodation

Australia offers many luxurious and comfortable lodgings. Even so, there are also many cheap lodgings whose prices start from 50k – 100k a day. Staying overnight by setting up a tent can be your choice when visiting places in Australia.

13. Culinary 

Processed kangaroo meat in Australia. Many food markets in major cities in Australia that sell kangaroo or pork are rarely found by vendors selling beef. You can find the Queen Market in Melbourne and Adelaide Central Market. There are many cheap foods that are enjoyed in Australia.

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