4 Things Girls Should Leave at Home for Spring Break

4 Things Girls Should Leave at Home for Spring Break

With spring break approaching, students and young women across the country are gearing up to fly away to all sorts of tropical hotspots for a week of sunny R&R. They’re clearing their schedules, they’re booking their flights and, sadly, they’re overstuffing their suitcases with way more clothes, gadgets and accessories than anyone could possible use in a week.

There’s nothing wrong with packing preparedly for your spring break vacation, but at some point you have to draw the line. Over-packing for your flight can cost you hundreds of dollars in baggage fees and make you a target for thieves in the area. So when it comes time to start getting ready for your flight to Costa Rica or Punta Cana or wherever you happen to be headed, do yourself a favor and leave these four items at home.

1)      Your Laptop.  What can your laptop do that your smart phone can’t? If you answered “basically nothing,” then congratulations – you’ve won a cookie. There’s no reason to lug a laptop along with you on spring break when your smart phone is just as capable of browsing Facebook and looking up directions. The only thing bringing a laptop with you will accomplish is putting you at risk of losing the laptop – or spending your whole vacation locked in your hotel room. Do the smart thing and leave your computer at home.

2)      A Blow Dryer. Don’t bring a blow dryer. Yes, you care about your hair, but the chances are good that your hotel will already have one available for you to use. Plus, if you’re going somewhere tropical, you don’t even need a blow dryer. The warm breeze will do all the work for you.

3)      Expensive Jewelry. Jewelry is another one of those accessories that carries more risk than it does reward. It’s so easy to lose or get stolen that it makes no sense to bring anything valuable along with you. This is especially true if you only plan to wear that diamond necklace or those pearl earrings once or twice the entire trip. Instead of packing your fine jewelry, look for pieces that are durable, cheap and versatile enough to match with several outfits.

4)      Mace, Pepper Spray, Etc. Your body is your temple, and you’re determined to protect that temple by whatever means necessary. I totally understand. However, many of the personal defense accoutrements that are legal in the US are totally illegal everywhere else. While you might be able to enter another country without a problem, you’ll have a hard time getting back into the US if any of these things are found on your person.

For instance, I was detained in Heathrow airport for seven hours last fall when the customs agent found a small can of mace that I had forgotten to remove before I left. It was a nightmare I have no intention of repeating any time soon.  Before you leave for spring break, research what is illegal to carry in the country you’re visiting and make sure you don’t have any of it on you when boarding the plane.

Ladies, don’t let over-packing ruin your spring break. Take some advice from an old pro and leave these four items at home before you head out on vacation. You’ll be happier, safer and your trip will be much more enjoyable. Trust me.

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