4 Tips for Easy Travel to Thailand with Kids

4 Tips for Easy Travel to Thailand with Kids

Nicknamed “The Land of Smiles”; Thailand is an excellent destination of choice if you’re traveling with children. Depending on the age of your young travelers, the flights to and from the destination might be the hardest part. Thailand’s terrain ranges from mountainous to beachfront shores, so there’s plenty to do for people of all ages. However, if the airplane journey’s giving you a nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach, and you’re still yet to depart, here are some suggestions that might make your task a bit easier.

Know the Regulations

In recent years, airline security has become increasingly tight. To avoid any unnecessary hassles, learn what’s allowed in your carry-on bag, as opposed to what you must stow in your checked luggage. Also, find out how many hours in advance you should arrive at the airport for check-in. Going through airport security queues is hard enough if you’re by yourself, and it’s even worse if you’re rushing through with kids.

Take hurried behavior out of the equation altogether and give yourself plenty of time to spare. Check with your airline and see if it’s possible to check in for your flight online, too. Not all flight companies allow this, but some do, and you can even print your boarding passes at home.

Buy Some Special Goodies

Sitting still for many hours at a time is difficult for many children. Try to keep them entertained by buying a few books, toys or other trinkets to capture their interest during the flight. If possible, choose items that they don’t ordinarily get to enjoy, because this gives them something to look forward to, and also provides you with a bargaining tool for encouraging good manners. You might even be able to find some books or games with an airplane or travel theme that tie in with your own trip.

Don’t Forget the Snacks

Hunger is one thing that can cause anyone to feel frustrated. During a long-haul flight, airlines usually try to keep passengers fed by offering full meals or snacks every few hours. However, kids often have different schedules, and they’re not as able to cope with hunger at the same level as adults.

Remember that many airlines do not allow you to bring open bottles of liquid onto the plane, so it’s best to buy packaged drinks such as juice boxes or kid-sized bottles of sealed water.

When they’ve got the munchies, you can keep your kids satisfied with suggestions like Cheerios, fruit snacks or nuts. Look for individually wrapped packages if you can, because they’ll be more convenient. Alternatively, take time to create your own plastic bags full of snack mix before you depart.

Check into Special Accommodations

Several weeks before your trip begins, contact the airline to find out if there are things that they can do to make traveling with children easier. For example, they may be able to seat you near the toilets, or even arrange for your children to visit with the pilot. Many airlines also permit early boarding for anyone who is traveling with children or might need extra assistance due to mobility impairments.

Thailand is a travel destination that’s great for families. Elephant rides, cultural and historic sites, a variety of foods, fishing, and beautiful beaches. By taking time to plan ways to keep your children content during the flight there and back, you’ll be setting yourself up for a memorable getaway and be able to enjoy all that Thailand has to offer your family.

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