5 Best iPad Accessories

5 Best iPad Accessories

Ipad has become the most favorite gadget of the youngsters in the last few years. The basic reason is the availability of countless stylish iPad accessories along with a large number of handy apps, which users love to buy, in order to stand out the crowd. Now the question is what these accessories and apps are and what they are capable to do. iPad accessories include iPad covers,cases, skins, sleeves, stickers, and much more.

All these accessories are best to protect the gadget by alluring its looks. Besides these protective accessories, there are many functional accessories, which are best to enhance the functionality of the gadget. The most common functional accessories are headphones, Bluetooth, etc.

However, when it comes to apps, you will be amazed to know that iPad user can use hundreds of apps for distinct purposes. These days, the trend of having iPad app accessory, also known as appcessories, is in boom. It is all about a having an accessory item for your gadget, which can be functional with the help of an iPad app to facilitate you in unique ways. Some of the hot favorite appcessories are as follows:

1.       Jawbone Up

Jawbone up is basically a wristband that is capable of tracking your eating, workout, and sleep habits with the help of its sensors. This health based iPad app accessory is not expensive to buy and you can avail all these health-monitoring facilities just for $100.

2.       Parrot AR. Drone

Do you love playing with your gadget? If yes then you should give a second thought to your purchasing decision of Parrot AR. Drone. This gaming app accessory is basically a quadricopter that is fully equipped with camera facility and you can control this quadricopter with the help of WiFi on your iPad. Parrot AR. Drone is available for just $300 in the market.

3.       Nest Thermostat

Controlling the room temperature becomes an indispensable need of every person having infants in his home. Now you can control your home temperature with the help of Nest Thermostat, which is available at $250.

Using this amazing app accessory, it is possible now to change the temperature of the home at different times of the day automatically.

4.       Griffin Beacon

Ages ago, controlling all appliances of the home with one remote facility seemed to be a magic but now this is possible due to the advent of technology in recent times. Griffin beacon is an amazing app accessory downloading which in your iPad, you can make your gadget a remote device to control all the appliance of the room.

The mechanism of this app is quite simple. It connects with the gadget via WiFi and works with a universal remote app, which is available for free in order to achieve the goals. You can make a purchase of this amazing app for just $70.

5.       PocketLoops

Do you love music and wants to create your own? If yes then you must buy PocketLoops app accessory using which you can attach keyboard with your gadget to mix different kinds of music beats. Purchase price of PocketLoops is $80 only.

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