5 Proven Methods To Make Money Online Students

Make Money Online Students

5 Proven Methods to Make Money Online Students :- Curious to make money online right now ? who not , everyone in this world want to make money. But now we are specifically talking about how students can make money online.Students are generally teens and no one take them seriously specially on Job.

Pupils can not do full time job as they need to give sometime to their studies which is important! instead of that they find a part-time job which do not require much effort and time.I don’t know you noticed or not that new generation specially teens are much more better in using technology then their elders and parents.
If you are student then why don’t you do online work ?
Don’t know where to start ? How to do earn online ?
I’m here to tell you all that. Without wasting your much time I’m heading towards the main list

Requirements :

  • A computer with internet connection
  • Basic computer skills ( like browsing etc )
  • Leisure time

5 Proven Methods To Make Money Online Students :-

Following methods are for teens and students , which I myself used to make money during my studies and currently using them.

Make You Own Website/Blog :

This is most common and old way to earn extra cash online yet most effective. A lot of people are earning more then 100$ per day even 1000 just by blogging. It requires time and little investment. With the present tech. your blog will be live in just 30 mins. It requires 3 to 6 months normally to start earning reasonable money from your blog. You can also do some other work with blogging.

 Freelancing :

Freelancing is great thing perhaps you enjoy writing , proof reading , know some Photoshop tricks and tweaks you can go for it. There are many freelancing websites which help you to start your freelancing career and help you to make money online.

Freelancer , elance and odesk are great places to take start.

And the best thing about freelancing is that you can choose your own hours of work and you are the boss of your own.

Fiverr : (One Of The Best Places To Make Money Online)

World biggest market place for freelancers !
This is also a freelancing site, but why I don’t cover it under freelancing heading , there is a reason for that. Fiverr is something more than a freelancing site it is a place where you can do almost anything which you can do YES!
Here own fiverr you create Gig (offer)  and for every order you got five dollars (not really you got only 4$ and fiverr charge 1$ for service). People do a lot of thing here.Once you go to the site you understand by yourself so I don’t need to explain.

I’ve very good experience with fiverr so I recommend this to you. I got only few orders in first month (I was not much lucky ). But after sometime I start getting orders and earning enough money to spend generously on my friends ; I should rather save some.
Suppose if you get 1 order per day then you got 30 a month
30 x 4 = 120$ ( and this is not very difficult folks are earning thousands of dollars from this cute site )

And fun thing is you can also resell fiverr gigs on other sites like elance etc.For example you bought a gig for 5$ from fiverr of editing ten photos you can easily resell it for 50 dollars on elance and this is the power of Fiverr 😀 to make money online you just need to use your brain a little and thats all .

Article Writing :

If you like writing then you can easily make money online. There are a lot of website owners or bloggers which out-source content just because of lack of time or they don’t know how to write . You can also create a gig of article writing on Fiverr and do some freelancing article work on odesk , freelancer etc .

There are some other networks which appreciates article writers and pay some handsome amount.For complete list of websites that welcome guest authors and give you handsome amount for your work click here.

Online Survey And Other Online Works :

An increasingly popular way for students to make money is to fill out online surveys in their spare time. Research companies are always recruiting new members to answer surveys and test new products.
I cant just end this list without adding this ; this is great platform for students to make money online right from there home comfort is ClickWorker. You can do different kind of jobs like proofreading , data entry etc and good thing is they give payment on weekly bases.

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