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5 Questions That Science Never Answered

Questions That Science Never Answered

Questions that Science never Answered

Questions that Science never Answered :- Science gathers knowledge  for experimentation and predictions about nature and universe. It is a very vast knowledge and covers about every field of life but still there are unsolved questions which make the science speechless, 5 Questions that Science never Answered.

5 Questions That Science Never Answered :-

What Happens In Black Hole?

Black hole is one of the world most extreme creations. Squeezed form of a large amount of matter into a small area forms black hole. It us supposed to be a highest gravity space from where a tiny particle, electromagnetic radiation and even light can never escape.Scientists can’t directly observe black hole with telescopes .Today, Science lacks a clear information about its evolution, bottom of smallest black hole and other aspects. Black hole is still a mystery but one day the recent idea of M-Theory may explain about it.

Why We See Dreams?

One third of a life spam of a human is spent while sleeping. With the evolution of man on earth,
Every single night a few billion people all lie down and get on with dream. Some studies reveal that it may be a future indications or may be a way to cure depression. Despite of happening with every human being since thousands of years, we still don’t know why.

Can Time Travel Be Possible?

It is one of my favorite topic. we all travel in time but question is that can we travel in time slower of faster.Can we go back or in near future? It’s not known. Einstein’s theory of special relativity says that astronauts orbiting on the Space Station experience a slow time ticking
but this increase velocity effect which shows one day humans might travel thousands of years into the future.

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How Life Evolved On Earth?

Scientists are just going to create artificial life however, it is still unknown how life arose on earth as earth history is much complex. Billions of years ago, RNA is formed when molecules started complex chemical reaction. But how and why they started is still a mystery.
proto evolution and ultraviolet light exposition theories are available but no definite solution is present.

Can Cancer Be Cured?

Its simple answer is no. Cancer is not a single disease, it is a group of many combined diseases involving abnormal cell growth. There are different more than 100 kind of cancer that affects human beings.Major causes includes smoking, drink, overeating, laziness but most important is exposure of radiation. In some cases, initial stages of cancer can be cured but a complete medical process for cancer treatment is not known.

So these are the 5 questions which science have never answered and cannot be answered.Stay Tuned to World Tech Tricks for more interesting facts.If you Know any other Question which science never answered then please let us know by commenting you comment below.

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