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5 Things bloggers can learn from facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg

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5 Things bloggers can learn from facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg

I hope everyone knows who Mark Zuckerberg is !! if you don’t , he is the co-founder of the worlds biggest social networking site Facebook. Everyone uses facebook these days but not many know the whole thing about Zuckerberg. Watch the movie “Social Network” to know better on him as well as other facebook co-founders. I came up with this article from the same movie.

Give what people want

If you are aware actually Mark Zuckerberg created the site facebook to interconnect the students of Harvard . Why did he choose that ? just because of the popularity and the number of hits that “ Facemash” got. He knew people would visit and join if they find there friends over there which happened to be true. So, what you can learn from that ? give your readers what they love ! imagine how and what they will like and write on that.

Don’t Advertise much

Facebook in the early years dint make money from its site just because Mark dint want to . He thought pop-ads and all will distract his users and they might stop using the site . Like wise it would be good for bloggers to limit the no. of ads and not put up pop-up ads.

Think Big

Mark had a vision and determenation to succeed with facebook. He dint make money form it so that his bigger goal could be achieved. Even though he had several obstructions , he took up all of them and faced them hard. Now,eventually facebook leads the charts. Similarly don’t be bothered of money or traffic but be determined on your goal.

Never make partners

Although mark started his bussiness with one of his closest friends but finally he was sued. What ever the reason for sueing may be ,it was mark who did such hard work building up still suffered a bit at last. So, try not to make partners as much as possible. Try to recruit members who can work for you but don’t designate them at the same post as yours.

Give Time for your personal Life

Last but not the least , give time for your personal life as well. It was only because of being too much geeky that he had to break up with his girlfriend earlier in the movie( i dont know if it was true in real life as well). I see many bloggers so much into blogging that they don’t give time for there personal life. Although he succeeded but in the end you must have seen in the movie, he thinks about his girl. So, try to give time for both blogging as well as your personal life.

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