6 Things You Might Not Know About Hawaiians

                            6 Things You Might Not Know About Hawaiians

If you’re planning your next getaway to the beautiful islands of Hawaii, it’s good to know a little bit about the locals. Hawaiian people are known for being some of the most laidback, relaxed and friendly people in the world. If you do find yourself in an unusual position, simply ask for help – you will find that most locals will be extremely accommodating. While we all know that the locals in Hawaii are friendly, here’s a few helpful tips that you may not be aware of.

If you want to make a good impression with Hawaiians, get to know the lingo before you go. While we don’t expect you to learn the entire language, it’s always good to know some basic terms, when travelling to any foreign destination. “Mahalo” means thank you and you’ll probably find it written in many shop windows or retail outlets. If you want to show your gratitude when travelling in Hawaii, try saying “Mahalo”, rather than “thank you”. Another insider tip is that there is a main highway in Hawaii called “LikeLike”, which is not pronounced as you may think. If you’re asking locals about this highway, be sure to pronounce it “lee-kay lee-kay” not “like-like”.

The Friendliest Locals you’ll meet!
As mentioned previously, the locals of Hawaii have a strong reputation as being some of the friendliest people in the world. Sure, you might come to Hawaii for the pristine beaches and unforgettable mountain ranges, but you’ll want to stay for the incomparable hospitality.

Not like the Mainland
While Hawaii may be part of the United Stated of America, Hawaiian locals are nothing like the locals you’ll find on the mainland. If you’re travelling around America and including Hawaii amongst your travels, do not be under the impression that the people are all the same. Hawaii has a unique and fully formed culture, worlds apart from that of the American mainland.

Hawaii has a diverse range of people, many with mixed ethnicities. While Hawaii is part of the US, it is actually closer to Japan than to Washington D.C. Many locals will have a mix of cultures and backgrounds, including Islander, Japanese and Caucasian.

Varieties of food are highly dependent upon where you travel in Hawaii. While we have mentioned that Hawaii is a very unique part of the US, in many touristy areas you will find an abundance of traditional, fried American food. If you decide to travel to smaller villages on the islands, however, you will come across the traditional preparation and serving of Hawaiian cuisines.

As mentioned previously, Hawaii has an extremely diverse culture. When in Hawaii, it is unlikely that you will come across any racism and you’ll commonly find that the locals are welcoming and accepting of all races and cultural backgrounds.

If you’ve heard enough about how great the Hawaiian people really are and you’re ready to book flights to Hawaii today, start packing and begin the experience of a lifetime.

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