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6 Tips for New Non-Smokers to Stay Fit

6 Tips for New Non-Smokers to Stay Fit

6 Tips for New Non-Smokers to Stay Fit

Given the fact that the world population suffer in its one third of obesity, there is no wonder people would use almost any excuse to not gain weight and, however unhealthy and damaging this might sound, some of them keep on smoking, afraid that after quitting, they will gain weight. But why and how are these two phenomena connected? Here’s what science has to say about smoking as an appetite suppressant:

Smoking as a habit increases the metabolic rate, thus it burns down calories. After quitting, the metabolism burns the calories in its own rhythm, so weight gain becomes possible. Also, some people say that smoking alters one’s taste, so once you quit and got back your senses, the food tastes a lot better so people get more inclined to eat.

The gesture addiction of putting something in your mouth leads freshly smoking quitters to chew on everything they can get their hands on and having snack and munchies on a long term leads, of course, to getting fat.

So we have a lot of anecdotic and sometimes scientific proof that quitting smoking may lead to putting on some pounds. However, there is always a bright side to the moon, as science and case studies also gave us some tips and tricks on how to live smoking free lives without gaining weight.

6 Tips for New Non-Smokers to Stay Fit:

1.     Make some diet changes

It is true that after quitting smoking, no matter if suddenly or progressively, your metabolism slows down a bit. So be careful what you eat for a while. Restrain yourself from eating fatty foods and “bad” calories loaded ones. Non-fat meat, together with fruits, vegetables and integral cereals are recommended foods in any case, but in this particular situation avoid fat cheese and yogurt and switch to those products that keep you safe from those extra – pounds.

2.     Be careful with the snacks

Peanuts, almonds, seeds, crackers, bagels, chips and pastry are dangerous. Carrots, fruits, all sorts of vegetables, low calories cereal bars make very good snacks. If you crave for sweets, trick your organism and use mints, sugar free chewing gum or even take a sip of minty mouth water to end the craving.

3.     Drink water

Whenever you feel like raiding the fridge for snacks, drink water instead. It eliminates toxins and puts an end to the hunger sensation in about 10 – 15 minutes. Carry a bottle of water everywhere you go.

4.     Eat regularly

This is available and recommended no matter the diet you keep or what is the reason for keeping a diet at all. But if you want to lower the level of craving and snack abuse after you quit smoking, make an eating plan and try to keep it. Eat less but more often and your metabolism will catch up its pace and remember that no matter what fatty foods your brain tells you to have, keep things under control. Having a dietary plan doesn’t mean starvation at all costs and either keeping some severe diet. The idea is to not gain supplementary weight, so don’t try to lose the one you have, it will determine a lots of system imbalances.

5.     Avoid alcohol

Right after quitting smoking, alcohol is forbidden for two major reasons: a pure physical one, as it increases the insulin levels in your body, making you develop an appetite and it also comes together with a lot of calories. The second reason is a psychological one: many smokers stated that having a drink “asks” for having a smoke too, so be careful to not light up a cig just for a quick remembering of how it used to be. Also, alcohol may come as an excuse or a self-spoiling indulgence you may allow yourself to reward the fact you quit smoking or to treat yourself in the light of so many deprivations you suffer. In any case, alcohol is bad.

6.     Engage in physical activity

This is not something unheard about before. Stimulate your metabolism by increasing the daily time spent exercising (or start going to the gym or run in the park now, if you didn’t do it while still smoking), burn calories, lower the cravings, get yourself busy and clean those lungs. Climb the stairs instead of using the elevator if jogging doesn’t suite you, walk by foot, go to a dance class or start practicing yoga. You just have to move in an organized, healthy manner, no matter the activity you choose.

The important thing is that you’ve taken an important step and decided to turn your life around for the better. You are now leading a healthier lifestyle for it and you will soon start to reap the rewards. Of course, it’s entirely up to you where you go from here and how you articulate a long-term strategy for staying healthy and fit. Some of the people who give up nicotine altogether turn to the BLU e cig at some point and vape with nicotine-free e-liquid. Others turn to intense physical exercise programs. Your choice is your – but remember that you’re already going the right way, so keep going!

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