Amazon,Google fined 135 million euros in France

Strong penalty on Amazon and Google

In France, CNIL, the data privacy monitoring unit, has imposed a heavy fine of 100 million euros (about 900 crore rupees) on Google and 3.5 crore euros on Amazon of about 314 crore rupees. Both have been fined for violating the country’s advertising cookies regulations.

What is the matter

The National Commission on Informatics and Liberty (CNIL) said in a statement that the French websites of the two companies did not seek prior permission from Internet users to read the trackers and cookies for advertising purposes. These cookies and trackers were automatically saved in the person’s computer, while according to the rules, approval should be taken from the users.

According to the agencies, the statement said that Google and Amazon also failed to tell the users that they will use these cookies for this work and how the users can refuse them.
What did google say

Google has said in its statement on this news, ‘People who use Google, expect us to respect their privacy. We stand on our record of upfront information, clear control, strong internet data governance, secure infrastructure and usable products. Today’s order does not take into account that the rules and regulations of France are uncertain and are constantly evolving. We will keep in constant contact with CNIL.

What did amazon say

Similarly, Amazon has said, ‘We do not agree with the decision of CNIL. Protecting the privacy of its customers has always been Amazon’s priority. We constantly update the pattern of our privacy and follow the laws of the country in which we operate.

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