7 Days: An Andhra Food Restaurants in Kolkata

Bengal has been an amalgamation of culture since ages. Apart from the existence of several cultures, Bengal has also made space for their traditions and food. It is true that Bengali people love to try out new dishes every now and then. Irrespective of the culture differences, they never fail to taste the flavours of food items. Today, we are going to put up the uniqueness of mouth-watering Andhra food from the restaurants in Kolkata.

Moreover, the state of Andhra Pradesh has always been famous for its spicy flavours’ that adds to its uniqueness. Therefore, it’s exotic Nawab spices will make you fall for Andhra foods. There are several restaurants in Kolkata that will serve you the most delicious and spicy Andhra foods. One such restaurant in Kolkata that will serve you with the delicacies of Andhra Pradesh is 7 Days.

If you are looking for a restaurant in Kolkata serving Andhra food, then you must check out 7 Days. Moreover, the 7 Days restaurant in Kolkata is located in GD Block, Sector 3, Bidhannagar.

The menu in 7 Days has the most exotic and delicious Andhra food. Starting from Kebabs, Tikkas, Phulkas, and Biryanis, it provides a huge variety of veg and non-veg Andhra foods. There’s just no way out that you can escape the aroma of these Andhra delicacies in Kolkata. The craze of these Nawab dishes doesn’t end here, in fact the list goes on! Get to taste the mouth smacking Chicken Hyderabadi Biryani at the 7 Days Restaurant. They prepare the Biryani with unique spices that fill it with the aroma of the Nawabs.

Nevertheless, 7 Days uses the combination of rich spices and herbs to add specialty to their Andhra food. This particular restaurant never fails to amaze its customers with their traditional foods of Andhra Pradesh. Moreover, they serve the best prawn dishes that will be a treat to your taste buds. Apart from prawns, the restaurant has also included other delicacies like fish items, mutton items, paneer items, and much more. Thus, we can say that 7 Days has not only curated Andhra food for the non-vegetarians but for the Vegetarians as well.

The restaurant also offers a coze ambience for its customers to enjoy their exotic Andhra food. It is a must say that their interior is quite unique and interesting. It is very rare to find this sort of theme in the interiors of other restaurants in Kolkata.

The 7 Days restaurant has upheld and maintained the theme of Satyajit Ray. Now, you must be wondering what could be it? Well, the restaurant has decorated its interior as the era of Satyajit Ray. Also, they have maintained a very sophisticated ambience with portraits of Satyajit Ray and his famous movies.

As mentioned earlier, that Bengal is an amalgamation of several cultures, 7 Days perfectly sets an example of it. Its interior reflects Bengali aesthetic while it serves aromatic and delicious Andhra food. It is true that 7 Days is one of the finest restaurants in Kolkata. You can definitely check out 7 Days restaurant to experience the aroma of Andhra food in Kolkata. The address is GD 151, GD Block, Sector III, Bidhannagar, Kolkata 700106, In

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