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Battery Saving Tips For DSLR Camera

Battery Saving Tips For DSLR Camera

Battery Saving Tips For DSLR Camera

This step may not have a big effect in saving global warming, but at least it is useful to know some of the features of digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras that suck the most battery power. You are certainly not willing to capture precious moments when your digital camera battery suddenly runs out.

Maybe this is not a problem when you are traveling in a place that provides a lot of electricity. Then what if you are traveling in an outdoor place, such as mountains or remote areas that do not have electricity?

In this situation, you have to be smart in strategizing. Here are some ways you can do to make your DSLR camera battery consumption more efficient and durable.

Activate the ‘Auto Power Off’ feature

The most important trick is to activate “Auto power off”. This feature will automatically put the camera on standby when not in use (it can take one minute to 30 minutes), depending on the setting. The camera turns back on as soon as you “half-press” the shutter button.

This is also useful when you forget to move the On lever to Off after finishing shooting activities. You can set the ‘Auto power off’ function in the camera settings menu. Apart from that, you can also turn off the ‘Beep’ sound on the camera. Usually, the sound will come out when the camera performs the autofocus or self-timer function.

Although it doesn’t consume much battery energy, you can mute the ‘Beep’ sound when you’re not really using it. This needs to be done when you do a photoshoot at a wedding. This is because the sound of ‘Beep’ can disturb the solemnity of the wedding moment.

Reduce Use of the LCD Screen

The LCD screen is a camera facility that consumes a large amount of battery power. Luckily DSLRs have an optical viewfinder that can be used to take pictures. It’s better if you don’t need to turn on the live view feature when the battery indicator on the camera has started to decrease.

In addition, you also don’t need to check the photos often because it can be done by turning on the camera’s LCD screen. The most efficient way is to turn off the auto review feature, which you can set in the settings menu.

And what is also quite crucial is the use of an internal flash (internal pop-up flash). One way to save the camera battery, of course, is to minimize the use of the flash facility. Use that extra light when absolutely necessary. Alternatively, simply increase the ISO light sensitivity setting.

Don’t be afraid that the resulting image will cause noise (spots appear) because most cameras today have a noise reduction feature that can reduce the noise level in the image.

Select Manual Focus

Manual focus saves more battery than auto focus. Therefore, before aiming at the desired object, immediately turn off the auto focus feature and use manual focus. On most DSLR cameras, this conversion can be done via a lever available on the lens (AF / MF option). The auto focus function can consume battery power because the accuracy of the focus is determined by an electronic device and a motor.

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And that of course takes advantage of the battery power in the camera. To save battery, you are also required to disable the stabilizer feature. This term is known as Vibration Reduction (VR) on Nikon DSLR cameras and Image Stabilization (IS) on Canon DSLRs.

While this feature can help reduce shaking due to the lack of strength of the hands when shooting from a distance (long shot), it consumes a lot of battery energy because it has to move the elements inside the lens to fight shakes in the image.

If you turn off the stabilizer feature, it is certain that the camera battery consumption can save up to 20%. However, if this feature is disabled, you will have to work extra hard to prevent the camera from shaking easily. You can use a tripod and practice holding the camera steady.

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