Bhoomi (2021) Movie Review

Bhoomi(2021) Movie Review

Cast – Jayam Ravi, Nithi Agarwal
Production – Home Movie Makers
Movement – Lakshman
Music – Iman
Release Date – 14 January 2021 (ODT)
Time – 2 hours 7 minutes
Rating – 1.5 / 5
This is a film that shows corporates coming from abroad, destroying our country, our land, our business, our agriculture, our people and they are making a profit by plundering.
Did you first follow what was said in the film, crew? You have released the film yourself on the ODT site of a foreign corporate company without releasing the film in theaters in Tamil Nadu.
Couldn’t you follow it by preaching to the city and taking the picture ?.
If you are Tamil, please share, share with everyone, you read, you know, you know, ”Director Lakshman has compiled this film by searching for information that can be shared on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp in various ways and how it can be put into scenes in a film. They have dealt with it by giving an angry voice saying that Aanganke Vande Mataram will create embarrassment for those who dub it in other languages ​​if the film is told only in Tamil.
Jayam Ravi, a student who showed his scientific knowledge at the age of 16 and became a satellite, graduates with the help of NASA and joins NASA. He is a leading scientist in the Mars mission research that humans can live on Mars and grow plants there. He comes to a village near his hometown Tirunelveli to get a month’s vacation. Seeing the misery of the farmers there, he too starts farming. He begins to oppose the foreign corporate company that is ravaging this earth by giving genetically modified seeds. The owner of the company comes directly and threatens Jayam Ravi. This is the cat and rat fight that happens to both of them after that.
Throughout the film, Jayam Ravi comes up with the hairstyle he developed for Ponni’s Selvan. That’s what makes him a little alienated from his character. Emotion is therefore present in all scenes without letting even one scene. Emotion pierces his chest, he often takes the soil and puts it on himself, sings a song called Tamilanda, often says Vande Mataram.
Ronit Roy, the corporate tycoon who oppresses the governments of many countries, is opposed as an individual without any help. He may have chosen a good film for 25 days thinking that he should give his 25th film as a good film.
Nithi Agarwal, the heroine of the film, may have got some justice in the film which says that farmers should get justice. Two scenes at the beginning of the film, going to come as a song. After that he stands in the crowd with the crowd once in a while.
Ronit Roy as the villain of the film. The same corporate boss we have seen before in many Tamil films. Jayam is flying in a helicopter to oppose Ravi. Jayam Ravi and he only talk on cell phones after the break. When talking on the phone like that there is no way to talk without the ladies on the side. He puts nail polish on them, they pour cargo on them, and they swim with them.
This is how to show the villains of Tamil cinema for fifty years. Radhakrishnan is coming and going as a local politician, Sari, coming and going. Saranya will score whenever she plays the role of mother, and she doesn’t have a perfect chance. Satish as Jayam Ravi’s friend, would have spoken more line by line tomorrow. Table songs in Iman music. Frame by frame has worked so hard that only cinematographer Dudley has to be talked about somehow for his part. The story of Shankar, AR Murugadoss image type scenes, social media forwarded messages, this earth is a little bit from the knife image. The seed for the film is special, but the way it is sown and cultivated is wrong. To know more aboutRory John Gates and Sportsarefree, you can follow various entertainment-related journals.

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