Blogging and Romance ? See whats similar

Blogging and Romance ? See whats similar

Looking at the title many young people around would be pretty interested in the topic. I wont say that oldies don’t , but they have seen so much of this and they might have bored up. Well ! but this is not all about romance but blogging and how they have similar concepts.

I have been blogging for a year now at Articles Ninja Blog and have grown from being a blogger who used to kill time with blogging to a blogger who utilizes his time in blogging. Being frank i would say that i never ever thought that writing and blogging can be so interesting that it can even be compared with romance. My Blog is my new Girl Friend i would never ever be away from it.

Lets start and see what i feel about blogging and romance.


There must be a passion between the boy and girl to do romance right ?by passion I mean that they should have something attractive between them to really have the romancing session , if not it cant really happen.  Blogging is same as well there needs to be passion within you and your blog. The moment you start giving importance and work hard on it success is never far away.

Girls have the power:

I really don’t know why but even though female is a weaker sex it still makes male weaker towards it. A boy may not be able to seduce a girl with ease but 8 out of 10 times a girl easily seduces a guy. In blogging also girls have the upper hand in my view, blogs where female writers write they get better stats and more comments than men on an average. This is true not only according to me but many of them whom i have spoken with. If you disagree with it I would certainly like to hear it in a comment here.


It is not just that you can do romance anywhere, anytime friends ! The same implies to blogging as well conditions must suit so that you can do the best. If you are a expert then you may feel to add some more points in this but for me i think you need  dim light, correct person (the one you love and are passionate about) and cool atmosphere so that your romance is perfect.

Well to write perfect article you need immense concentration, a place with complete silence and your blog. Concentration is the key, only when you concentrate you can come up with the right content and the right words to put it up.

Gets Better As Time Goes By:

The more you start to romance , the more you want to get in touch with your partner. I will say the more you start blogging, the more you will love to blog.  In my words i will say that “ Blog is a place to share and gain knowledge” . The one who reads it gains and the other who writes it shares. This sharing intent is one which should come from deep inside the heart to be a successful blogger and as time goes by blogging, you will definitely get better at it.

Viewers End:

We see a lot of romantic movies come up to the big stage but only few become a hit among viewers. The reason probably would be that it is not put up in the right way and in an interesting manner. Blogs also have the same thing, every new day thousand of blogs are created but not all get success.

The reason for failure is same as the movies, they don’t write what is interesting to the people or they don’t put it up in the way which people would like to read. Always take your time while preparing articles and always proof read it twice from a readers perspective and see how the content shapes up.

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