Check Out the Top Sights in Gorgeous Greece

                                         Check Out the Top Sights in Gorgeous Greece

Greece is truly the jewel of the gods. It has beautiful scenery, not to mention its vibrant culture. When you land in Greece, you will be captivated by the explosion of color and it is not a shock if you do not know where to start exploring.

To save money, (only if you have the time to spare) it might be wise for you to fly into a major airport hub like London first and make your way to Greece from here. Stay at the Russ Hill Hotel or The Holiday Inn at Gatwick Airport when you arrive and hope on the train down to Greece.

There is so much to learn and partake in, the thought of it can make your head spin. If you visit Greece to relax or you are enticed by the origin of Greek mythology there is plenty to accommodate you. Be sure to take a camera in order to capture the breath taking sites.

Amazing Acropolis-
This is one of the renowned favourite tourist destinations. It is at the heart of Athens, so whatever corner you are on you shall be able to see this jaw dropping site. It is the sacred rock upon which the ancient temples were built and it stands proudly at the center of Athens. Built entirely of marble, this great temple that used to house the statue of the city patron goddess Athena is illuminated brilliantly at night. It is rich with history and has such an epic story that will take you back to the era of the gods. Even though for some they may not be interested in the historical part of the Acropolis. It is undisputed, an amazing site to visit.

Marvelous Meteora-
These beautiful and yet inaccessible rock pillars have a history that will fascinate you. Their inaccessibility provides a serene location for spiritual meditation and this is why several monks have established monasteries on these rock pillars. Originally, more than twenty monasteries nested atop of these steep rocks but now only six remain and have become important tourist attractions to Greece. They are only accessible by steps that have been sculpted into the pillars. So if you enjoy rock climbing, you will love this place.

The Enigmatic Epidaurus Theatre-
This was a beautiful theatre which was used for healing activities by the ancient Greeks and was later modified by the Romans. An amazing architectural fact about this theatre: the rows are made of limestone and they filter low frequency sounds like murmurs coming from the crowd and then amplify high frequency sounds from the stage. You will just love attending a concert at this theatre; it is simply out of this world.

What to eat:
You will not want to go home without a recipe of Greece’s ‘magic’ moussaka. This is a dish that is common all over the country made up of ingredients like eggplants, tomatoes and onions; thus it is suitable for everyone. There are many other dishes you should try out like the Sfakiani pita, Magiritsa (eaten mostly during Easter). Why not go on a food hunt around Greece to find out the best eating places while on your vacation?

There is so much that Greece has to offer that must be experienced and not read. All you need to do is embark on this journey with an open heart and mind to love Greece. Before you know it Greece will love you back.

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