Comparison – Droid Software Vs Apple Software

Comparison – Droid Software Vs Apple Software

Apple and Android are two of the biggest names in software today. The two companies complete in just about every area of the smartphone market. It can be downright confusing trying to keep up with what products are better. To be fair, both Apple and Android have advantages over the competition and both have disadvantages. It can be especially challenging keeping up with the software these two companies put out there for use with their mobile devices. Here’s a closer look at where things stand when comparing the software available from Android and Apple:

Operating Systems

The operating systems made by Apple and Android are two of the fastest mobile operating systems on the market today. The operating systems made by these two companies can be used on any mobile device with Internet access. This includes everything from smartphones to tablet computers. Apple’s OS is only made for Apple products.

That’s it. While that in itself can be a negative, you have to consider the quality of Apple’s OS. Plus, the software the company makes for all Apple devices is often pioneering in terms of technology. Android’s OS comes in four different versions, so far. Each system has its perks, but the differences between each version can be as dramatic as upgrading to a BMW from a Honda Civic. The overall edge goes to Apple in terms of the universal use of its OS on all Apple products.

Source Code

Android is open source and can be used with any mobile service using the Android OS. Apple is closed source and handles all software development issues and its products are only for use on Apple devices. This has long been both a blessing and a curse for some users. Android’s big advantage is that it is owned by Google. This means that Google is continuously developing new applications or improving on existing apps. Google offers options that allow the user to edit and interact with the software the company produces or add new applications. Linux makes most of Android’s software. The added flexibility on the part of the user gives Android a slight edge over Apple on this one.


Android has the advantage here. Android has made it a priority to make its software compatible across all community platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This makes it easier to share files and interact across all social platforms. Apple has more of a limited social network. Apple tends to focus on urging people to use Apple products to communicate with each other. While a lot of people do have Apple devices, it is somewhat limiting in terms of access to platforms.


Android has the instant advantage of having access to Google’s platform and all the features that go along with that such as Gmail, Google Maps, GTalk, and Google’s popular search engine. Add YouTube and you can see why Android has the edge here. Apple has its own mailing system, but doesn’t have all the bells and whistles you get with Google.


Both Apple and Android make decent attempts to keep user’s information secure. Android, however, tends to be more susceptible to viruses and security threats since it is an open source. It’s really a trade-off. Android allows you to tinker with your software and you get access to more platforms, but you don’t have the security of staying in a single contained network like Apple. Apple offers security patches to fix vulnerable areas. Apple’s apps can only be downloaded to Apple devices, which automatically eliminates certain risks. In this case, Apple has the advantage.

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On the surface, it’s pretty much a tossup when it comes to utility. Apple has more than 500,000 apps and more are being added almost continuously. There’s something for just about every taste, from gamers to business executives. Android has similar apps which can counter most of what is offered by Apple. However, Apple is the winner here when you go by sheer volume of what’s available.


Ultimately, it comes down to preferences. If you don’t mind staying within the wonderful world of Apple, you’ll get plenty of options plus greater security. If you want the power of Google at your fingertips and don’t want to be tied down to all things Apple, Android is for you. In the end, the competition between these two rivals is a good thing for anybody who uses any type of Internet-connected device. If you want to know more updates about Software related news, you can follow

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