Different ways of Getting Natural Links in a specific Niche

Different ways of Getting Natural Links in a specific Niche

What are the Different ways of Getting Natural Links in a specific Niche??
The question is not too much different from some of earlier question that are related to SEO you can check some articles related to them here.Their is a little difference between those and this question but as you have asked it i’ll try to answer it at my best.

The two easiest way you can use are
1. Blog commenting: Posting an informative, thoughtful comment on a blog in your industry can be a great way to generate a valuable backlink.
2. Press releases: Although most PR sites are non-niche.

Lets now move to point that can answer your question-
There are many different ways to earn natural links for your site. In fact, half the fun of link building is trying to come up with creative ideas.
The first thing I’d recommend is to sign up for an SEOMoz account so that you can use their Open Site Explorer (abbreviated as OSE going forward). It’s a tool that lets you see many of the links coming into any site that you choose. In my opinion, it’s a must-have resource for link building. It’s $99 a month, but there’s also a free trial so that you can try all this stuff out before committing. I don’t work for them at all, I’m just a happy customer.

With the help of OSE, here are some ways that can get you started:
Find some of your competitors and enter their domains into OSE. What content of theirs is linked to and shared on social networks more than others? Is it a video? An infographic? A post about dinosaurs? You get the idea. Once you know what type of content is working for your competitors, you can work on creating something even better and sharing it out to the same folks that were sharing your competitor’s content.
Find all the sites that are linking to 404 pages that are on your competitor’s sites. Are there a few 404 pages in particular that have a ton of links? If so, create a resource of your own and let the people linking to the 404 page know that their link is going to an errored page, but that you have something better.

Now, time for a few ideas that don’t involve OSE:
Go on FollowerWonk.com and find the folks that are influential in your industry on Twitter. Start following them, interacting with them, retweeting them, and generally becoming buddy buddy with them. This might take a while, but once you have a good relationship, then getting links and shares from them will become a piece of cake. Plus, you’ll have new friends!
Similar to above, use Google Reader to find blogs in your industry that are followed by lots of folks. Start to comment on these blogs, keep up with the trends, and get to know the authors. This could lead to guest posts, links, friendships, and/or high fives.
I  had try my best but their can be some more ways too.

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