Do You Know Why Brown Rice is Healthy?

Do You Know Why Brown Rice is Healthy?

We all know that there is such a thing called brown rice and most of us are aware that brown rice is healthy and that brown rice is healthier than white rice. But how of you actually know why brown rice is healthy. It’s probably common sense and there is probably evidence somewhere to show that there is more worth in complete knowledge of health advice. Following all advice without context or direction will often result inboredom, lack of enthusiasm and eventually ditching a potentially healthy habit. So, it might be worthwhile to take 5 minutes out and find out the simple reasons why brown rice is healthy for you.

What is Brown Rice?

We could do a sociology paper on this but very simply, when you polish and refine brown rice, you get white rice. So brown rice is the first stage when you remove the husk. White rice is when you remove further layers.

Health Benefits of Brown Rice or Why Brown Rice is Healthy

  1. Advantage of a whole grain: The polishing process gets rid of the ‘whole-ness.’ Whole grains have been shown to boost heart heart and reduce bad cholesterol
  2. Dietary fibre: That keeps the digestive system healthy
  3. Keeps you full longer: Complex carbohydrates keep you full longer that goes a long way in the weight loss process, encouraging you to not eat often
  4. Good carbohydrates: Part of a complete balanced meal and an easy way to get your daily requirement of carbohydrates
  5. Rich in anti-oxidants and nutrients: The brown layer contains all the good stuff that gets removed in the polishing process.

The easiest way to cook it would be to follow our Microwave Brown Rice Recipe. Brown rice can be used any time in place of white rice. It’s the same thing after all.

Suggested Ways to Cook Brown Rice

  1. Brown Rice Egg Biryani
  2. Brown Rice Pilaf
  3. Spinach Rice

So that you know why brown rice is healthy, it’s good to mention that the only “problem” with brown rice is that it takes longer to cook compared to white rice. That’s a call you need to take though: is 10 minutes that much of an investment for you… Decide for yourself.

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