Fabulous ICE HOTEL Activities

Fabulous ICE HOTEL Activities

Take a look below at just some of the great ways to spend your time at the ICE HOTEL by getting out into the wilderness and seeing the country for yourself. With a wide range of activities for all ages and interests, you’re bound to find something that catches your eye!

Moose Watching

In addition to reindeer, there are few animals as important to the local Sami people and the Scandinavian identity than the moose. These towering animals always catch people off guard for their sheer size, which is a great deal higher than a horse or cow, with a rack of antlers on the males that make them appear much more intimidating than they really are. That being said, approaching a moose is something to do with care and if you choose to check out the moose through the ICEHOTEL you’ll be instructed in proper viewing techniques to not spook the animals, so you’re able to enjoy them in their natural habitat.

Snowmobiling in the Arctic

Invented in Canada but enjoyed the world over, modern snowmobiles offer a way to enjoy the northern climate at high speeds that simply can’t be done by other means of transportation. If you are looking for something that is simply pure fun and a link to the remote areas around the ICEHOTEL, be sure to arrange for a snowmobile excursion. Taking place over much of a day, you can snowmobile to check out the wildlife, nature, landscape and connect with other travellers – a definite must for anyone travelling from a place that doesn’t have snow.

Ice Sculpting Lessons

There is little doubt that ice sculptures are among the most beautiful creations known to man, which are made all the more precious by the fact that they have a limited life due to changes in temperature. Take part in crafting these incredible sculptures with a trained professional and learn just how obsessive an activity this is. When you consider though that the entire ICEHOTEL is made of ice and utilising many of these skills, you can see the practical application of the activity and how perfectly suited it is to this destination.

Enjoy the Lapland Wilderness

Few places exist on Earth that are as untouched by the modern world but the area around the ICE HOTEL is one of them and often the biggest attraction for those who visit is the landscape itself. Whether it’s the wildlife that calls the area home, the vast boreal forests or the indigenous people that still reside here, there is something magical about this frozen land that you have to see to experience properly.

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