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3 Simple tips to get away from Instagram [Latest Tips]

Get Away from Instagram

Do you think you’re wasting your time on Instagram? It’s possible that you’re not alone. Some people find themselves perusing their feeds for hours on end, and then regret spending so much time on the social networking app. There will be moments when you feel it is becoming too much for you, and you will need to keep track of your hours spent with the app since too much of anything is harmful. Uninstalling the app or canceling your account is a drastic step that you may easily avoid if you take a few simple actions to reduce the amount of time you spend on it. Here are 3 simple tips to get away from Instagram, free from your Instagram addiction:

3 Simple tips to get away from Instagram:

1. Disable push notifications-

If you have notifications turned on in the app, you may receive notifications when people you follow are online. It’s possible that this will lead to the temptation of using the app. There is a simple solution to disable these alerts. Simply go to your profile and tap the three-bar symbol in the upper right corner, then Settings. Open the Notifications menu and select Push Notifications. You can limit the kind of notifications you receive here. Users can choose to turn off alerts for posts, messages, Live, IGTV, and other features.

2. Set a reminder to keep the time restriction in mind-

Instagram comes with a function that tells you how much time you have left on Instagram by default. To set a time spent reminder, go to your profile by tapping or your profile photo in the bottom right, then tapping the three-bar symbol > Your Activity, then tapping Time. Set a timer for a daily reminder by tapping Set Daily Reminder and then tapping Set Reminder.

3. Hide the number of “likes” on a post-

It’s a new tool that allows Instagram users to hide like numbers on all posts in their feed, as well as other people’s posts. This minimizes the amount of data you consume from the app and, as a result, may help you spend less time with it. Users can either hide the number of likes before they post something or hide their likes on specific posts that have already been published.


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