Google Launch Pixel Exclusive ‘Locked Folder’ Option

Google has verified that the Locked Folder in Photos will be available on all Android devices in the near future.

In June, the feature became available only on newer Pixel phones. According to The Verge, Google hasn’t given a specific date for when the feature would be publicly available.

The Photos Locked Folder will be available shortly for Android 6.0 and newer smartphones. Users will be able to set up this folder after receiving a notification from Google Photos once it is live.

Google Photos Locked Folder disables certain photos and videos from the main grid, search, and “apps that access your device photos.”

Additionally, these photographs will not be backed up or shared, and access will be restricted by a device screen lock. Even when inside a secure area, users will not be allowed to capture screenshots.

“You can put photos to a passcode-protected location in @googlephotos and they won’t show up as you scroll through photos or other apps on your phone. Locked Folder will be available on Google Pixel first, and then on other Android devices later this year “Earlier, the company said in a tweet.

In the Google Photos app, navigate to Library > Utilities > Locked Folder to create a Locked Folder.

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