Health Care Insurance Problems

Health Care Insurance Problems

We’d think that having health care insurance is an assurance that we won’t have any problems but it seems that it’s quite the opposite. There have been a lot of cases that patients paid for their hospital expenses despite having made periodic payments to a health care insurance provider.

Here are the most common health care insurance problems that people encounter. On top of the list is that the insurance claims that the condition is pre-existing. After years and years of paying for your health insurance, they tell you that you’ve been sick with it before you subscribed to their program. Pre-existing conditions are really difficult to dispute but we should directly appeal to our insurance provider and show solid proof that the condition we have is not pre-existing. Maybe an old general checkup result would be really ideal but of course, it’s not always available.

Another problem is when the insurance claims that the treatment that the patient has undergone is only experimental. In this area, we need the support of our physicians. Perhaps before receiving treatment from the health care providers, ask if it is experimental or not so you can and have them put it in writing. It’s a lot less headache and stress for all parties.

Sometimes, the insurer will say that you or your dependent is not qualified for the benefit in question. This is a really difficult situation. You have health insurance and the insurance company you paid for a long time filters your eligibility to a benefit you know you’re supposed to have. Make an appeal and give them undeniable reasons why you’re eligible. Explain the questions and doubts they might have.

I don’t think there is such a thing but perhaps with today’s world there could be unnecessary medical treatments. But just like the saying, “Why would you repair something if it isn’t broken?” If your health care insurance problem is that they ruled that the treatment that you received or accepted was not medically necessary, ask your doctors to back you up.

You could get stuck between a rock and a really hard place when your health care insurance provider denies payment for your care. The hospital bills will run after you and most probably ruin your credit scores. They’re supposed to be our back-up, not the one who kills us. Does it really have to be life and death for them to perform a medical intervention on a patient?

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