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Health care insurance in the UK started before the Second World War. The government established and managed the Emergency Medical Service. They hired doctors and nurses to provide treatment to the injured during the war in the nearest hospital.

The general public of United Kingdom has a great perception of the health care insurance. They believe that think that the National Health Service is well managed. Out of 10 people, 7 are satisfied with their service and only 1 is really discontented. Still, the media is highly cynical of the National Health Service which has had a negative effect on the image of the health care in the country and outside.

The health coverage provided by National Health Service is for free at the moment of utilization. However, the patient may be charged for eye exams, dental care, prescriptions and other self maintenance related care. Bulk of health care in England is being made available by National Health Service. That takes account of primary care, long-term healthcare, in-patient, dentistry and ophthalmology.

The United Kingdom’s free health service provider is the largest in the world and is the fourth company with the most employees. It has two portions—the primary care and secondary care. Now, these divisions have trusts, which are categorized into two.

The commissioning trust is in charge of probing the needs in the local areas. They also collaborate with providers to supply medical and health care services to the local inhabitants. Commissioning trusts negotiate the administration of service with providers that may be National Health Service organization or private entities. Responsibility has also been stretch towards the deepest level of society allowing common doctors who recognize and spot a need in their neighborhood to commission health care services to meet that necessity.

Provider trusts, on the other hand, are the ones who deliver health care. The commissioning trusts allocate money to the hospital trusts and the ambulance trusts and they spend it. Hospital trusts get the biggest share of the funding of the National Health Service. They own properties that have been bought for United Kingdom and held in trust for them.

That is just the public sector of health care in the UK. They also have a privately purchased health care insurance coverage. Most private health care membership is a tie up with big companies. They include it in their package of benefits to workforce.

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