Home Remedies for Weight loss

Here is the home remedies for weight loss using spices and other natural ingredients. Spices are the best way for reducing weight. all you need to do is use spices in your daily diet to stay smart and slim.

Home remedies for weight loss

Green Chilli

Green chilies will help you in reducing the weight. People who eat green chilli in daily routine feel less hungry.

If you are looking for home remedies for weight loss then the perfect answer is green chilli. Green chilli is essential for preventing intense hunger, It burns unhealthy fat. Green chilies have the  ability to reduce weight because it is a fiery diet. It’s the source of vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin E, They’re enriched with minerals and iron. They contains magnesium and potassium too. It will work for you as an anti-fat medicine, making you fit as it’s known anti obesity.

  • Blend green chilies in a blender and use them in your food like dishes, you can also eat them with salt.
  • If you want to drink theme then you can also make a drink and add one fresh lemon juice, mix green chilli in lemon juice and add a half teaspoon of salt in it, keep it under sunlight for a few hours than drink it, It will give you better results.

They are naturally enriched with antioxidants beta-carotene and low in calories which helps in reducing the fat. They are beneficial for health and they are vital in maintaining good weight.



Ginger is one of the popular home remedies for weight loss. Ginger has lots of healthy benefits and it is proficient and very effective in reducing the weight it has power to lose your weight as it is called thermogenic health food, it can easily improve your digestion system and boost your metabolism.

It is helpful and vital for controlling your weight as it has phenol compounds, It can also improve your stomach, it can cleanse up your livers and stimulate digestion system as it is fiber food which is essential in loss weight. You can use ginger tea to get better results in weight loss. Ginger has the power to control sugar and cholesterol level in your body which is helpful to maintain good weight. It can reduce the unhealthy fat of belly and other parts too. It is anti-inflammatory food which helps you in losing weight by applying the easiest and natural way.

  • Boil one cup of water and remove it from heat.
  • Add a piece of ginger in it and mix it.
  • Leave this mixture for 5 to 8 minutes and afterward drink it on empty stomach in morning .This will help you out and make you healthy and free from ugly and unnecessary fat.


One of the best home remedies for weight loss is by using cinnamon. Cinnamon is essential in controlling the process of glucose. It can improve the metabolism as it has ability to control activity of insulin in body. It has iron, calcium, fiber and manganese. Cinnamon is used as a popular home remedies for weight loss through out the history.

It’s also good in controlling cholesterol level, blood pressure level and beneficial in losing weight. It has the power to control glucose which helps you in maintaining good health and perfect weight.

Add one cup of cinnamon tea in your daily diet plan to loss weight. As being overweight is dangerous for health. You need to have herbal cinnamon tea(Cation:Drink with an empty stomach). This will definitely work out. It has low fatty acids which control the sugar level in your body and increase the power of better metabolism. It is essential in absorption of minerals.

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