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How to get PVC Adhar Card?

pvc adhar card

PVC Adhar Card

PVC Aadhaar Card :Polyvinive chloride card was not valid till last year. But now it has been validated. The government has approved printing of Aadhaar card on PVC card keeping in view the convenience of the needs of the people. This facility has been provided by UIDAI itself . In such a situation, if you want to use this facility, you can order PVC Aadhaar card not only for yourself but for your whole family. For all family members, you can order PVC Aadhaar card from your own mobile number. So let’s know how to make PVC Aadhaar card. First of all know the specialty of PVC Aadhaar card.

What is PVC Aadhaar Card: Explain that PVC Aadhaar card is like a card with ATM. In such a situation, there is no fear of spoiling this card with water. Also, there is no fear of breaking it. Many security features have also been provided with this. Most importantly, if a person’s number in your house is not registered in Aadhaar or there is no phone in their house, then UIDAI has introduced this new facility. UIDAI has also introduced OTP on non-registered mobile numbers. In such a case, a family member can order a PVC Aadhaar card for any member. Apart from it, to get USA Local News, you can follow Publicistpaper.

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How much will be charged for PVC Aadhaar Card: A person will have to pay a fee of Rs 50 for printing Aadhaar on PVC card and ordering it at home. If you and your family want to get it built, then you will have to pay per person. For example: If you have to make a PVC Aadhaar card for 4 household members, then you have to pay a charge of Rs 200.

How to get PVC Adhar Card?

  1. To order a PVC Aadhaar card, you need to visit https://residentpvc.uidai.gov.in/order-pvcreprint.
  2. After this you will have to enter your 12 digit Aadhaar card number.
  3. After this, you have to enter the security code which is visible on the screen.
  4. Then you will see an option. This will be my mobile number is not registered. You select this when your number is not registered. If you select it, you will be asked to enter your mobile number. If your number is already registered, do not select it.
  5. After this, your registered mobile number OTP will be sent. Enter this. Please tick the terms and conditions given below. Submit after this.
  6. After this, you will be shown your Aadhaar card details. If there is any problem in your details, then get it updated first. Only then get the PVC Aadhaar card made.
  7. After this, you have to pay. For this, you will have to pay through UPI, Internet banking and debit card etc.
  8. Then you will get the receipt which you can download.
  9. After this, you can track your PVC Aadhaar card application with the 28-digit service request number given on the receipt.
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