How to get traffic from reddit 2021

how to get traffic from reddit

Social Bookmarking is still the best seo strategy to drive huge referral traffic. Who believes social bookmarking doesn’t help then they should leave this post and should find another one..

Today we will learn how to use reddit for traffic to your blogpost.

After writing a blogpost we always looks for huge traffic to that blog post and that’s why we share our blogpost to various social networking and bookmarking website. Do you think just submitting links to social bookmarking website is enough ? No No No you must be aware how to submit your blog to social networking website. perfect Strategy is always there for any task. So must know the proper strategy to use social bookmarking to drive huge traffic to your blog post..

In this post i’ll tell you about reddit one of the largest social bookmarking website. Strategy to use Reddit to get huge traffic to blogpost

Before going to strategy  lets understand How Reddit Resembles;


This social bookmarking is similar to digg if your content will appear in front page of reddit homepage then you will receive tons of traffic to your websites. So what are waiting for just go to reddit and sigup this is the best time for you to enjoy cool bookmarking network.. Wait wait.. Don’t lave now just learn the strategy how to use reddit then signup.

Your post will be appear on the top of homepage on thr basis of reddit vote from the reddit members..the more vote the more it will help to you. For this you need to post solid quality content that users loves to see it and give instant vote. Keep focus on your title of the post, that should be eye catchy and unique one. Once you will get 30-40 votes you will be on the top of reddit front page.. Yeahh sounds interesting yo…

Subreddit are those that have few sections located on reddit that is similar to Digg Newsrooms.You can post your content or blogpost to those sub reddits also. This is the easiest way to reach to front page through sub reddits.

How to submit a links to Reddit

There are two ways to submit your stories. You can submit your stories manually with reddit website and secondly you can do it with social bookmarks. The easiest way is to submit stories by is using social bookmarsks. By using this social bookmarking button  you can easily submit your stories and other web pages on Reddit and Subreddits. If the link is already submitted it will take you to the link where you can vote or comment.

What is Reddit Front page?

Now you know the power of getting your stories on top of reddit and you might be curious to get your own stores ont the top. Reddit consists of 25 links with feature image and short description. All these links are place according to the basis of reddit member votes.Look at the left side of a submitted link in Reddit. You can see up and down arrow. Up arrow is for up-vote and down arrow is for down-vote. When user clicks on up arrow you will get 1 positive vote. Once you habe 20-30 votes to your stores it will appear to the front page.

How Subreddit Work

The sections of the reddit can be called subreddit. In short collection of subreddit makes a Reddit.The tops stores which are appeared in front page of reddit comes from subreddit only. This is best practice to submit your stories to subreddit if you can’t get good number of votes to your reddit. Posting to subreddt can give to chance to appear on fron page of reddit. Once you are in reddit homepage you will realize the power of redit.

How long stories will remains on Reddit front page

Reddit keep updating threir front page reddit on daily basis according to my observation. It always shows the top stories who has good number of votes and keep moving your post to second to third page it goes older.

What are Top Links?

The links hits the top spot of Reddit is preserved as Top Links. It is not that easy to bring a story to this stage. The stories that hit the top spots get a number in light orange color. The best way to learn how it works is by experimenting on Reddit.

How to become a power user on Reddit

Reddit is completely based on karma that you earn after getting votes. Depending on good and bad karma your rank will be promoted or demoted respectively. So keep posting links which has some decent quality post with eye catchy title..

How to make a Network on Reddit

1. Post private messages to members first and add then as your friends

2. Then vote good posts that people posts on reddit actively

3. Comment on reddits others posted

4. Submit whatever content you feel important to others

Few Tips to getin to Reddit front page

1. Make your profile complete

2. Post regularly on reddit

3. Be active on Reddit

4. Send targeted messages to friends on Reddit

5. Join reddit facebook groups and ask your friend to vote on your stories

6. Add Reddit social widget to your website

7. Make constructive ideas and criticisms on other’s stories


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