How to make a Corrupted Memory Card Work?

How to make a Corrupted Memory Card Work?

A corrupted memory card is what you have right now and you dare to repair it or recover its data. Right?

Well, yeah it is the case so I have got some solutions for you so that you can easily get your corrupted memory card to work.

But before the solutions first think that what has made the memory card corrupt, if it was immersed in water than it cannot be repaired. But do give it a try as miracle happens and one has happened to me.

And if there is some other problem that has occurred and that has damaged the card it can get repaired.

Now, attach memory card to your PC and see if the card is showing on the screen of My Computer or not.

If it is not showing then it is surely damaged a lot and cannot be recovered now.

If it is showing then let’s start the main work.

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Make a Corrupted Memory Card Work!

I have got here three ways to get it to work. The first two would not delete the data in it and the third one, is the surest way but it would delete all of its data.

1. Use the Inbuilt function to repair it.

All of the windows version have this feature and that’s why it is easier and better.

  • Insert your card reader having corrupted memory card in your PC’s USB slot.
  • Now, go to My Computer and Right click on the memory card icon.
  • Select Properties and than get to the Tools tab.
  • Now, click on the Check Now button in Error- Checking section.
  • A dialog box would appear, tick both the options there and click on Start.
  • Wait for it to over, if it has done than enjoy else move to the next option.

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