How to make leave in conditioner

How to make leave in conditioner

Hi girls, how are you are you all doing? I had been ignoring my hair for a week like repeated shampooing every alternate day and skipping oil all together, no hair masks. I actually felt that the texture of my hair had roughened and frizz had increased. So, last weekend, I took charge and went for a complete hair rejuvenation. Oiled my hair with warm oil at night then followed with a hair mask in morning and finally, prepared my own leave in conditioner.

I recently have grown fond of leave in conditioners as I feel they work better than the varieties of conditioners that get rinsed off and also I feel that it would not damage hair as it is just used along the length of the hair and not on the scalp per se. I was also considering to buy a hair serum for myself as my hair tends to get frizzy, no matter which shampoo and conditioner I use.. then accidently, while going through internet I found some videos on how to prepare a leave in conditioner for yourself.

There is no escape from chemicals, all together so, I tried to somehow dilute the bad effects of conditioners by adding certain natural things in my leave in conditioner recipe. I must say, after shampooing I skipped my regular conditioning regime and instead sprayed this conditioner on the length of my damp hair. This helped me in three ways,

1. It kept the frizz under control like magic.

2. It did not get on my scalp so, my scalp escapes the chemicals.

3. It did not make my scalp oily.

4. I could somehow reduce the impact of chemicals on my hair.

5. It detangled my hair very nicely

Things you will need

Spray bottle

Conditioner of your choice

Coconut oil or any hair oil (olive and avocado oil preferred)

Coconut water or distilled water, I chose the former

How to go about it?

Take an empty spray bottle.

Fill in one third of the bottle with your conditioner.

Next, add a few drops of coconut oil. Do not put too much.

Last, add coconut water. Shake well till you get a cloudy white liquid.

Use this post hair wash by spraying on the length of your hair and run your fingers through your hair. Now, let your hair air dry.

This mix is to be stored in refrigerator and this would last good for a few washes and can be used for a week or so. Prepare it in small quantities as and when you need.

Why is this leave in conditioner good for you?

I used Dove conditioner which is my all time favourite, this is what it claims…

At Dove we are dedicated to providing superior care solutions for hair experiencing dryness and damage. That’s is why we have developed specially tailored ranges-Nutritive Solutions to make dry hair feel nourished and damaged solutions to repair damaged hair.

Coconut water is a natural hydrant and I found it better than distilled water for my hair. As, it is purely organic.

Coconut oil has immense hair benefits like working against multiple hair troubles, be it: greying hair, split ends and hair fall.

Give it try girls…



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