How to make your perfume last longer

How to make your perfume last longer

Hot summer days have started and I hope you are keeping yourself cool and calm. Above the heat, what irritates and makes you embarrasses is the pungent smell of your sweat or someone nearby. The simplest way to keep yourself refreshing and away from odour is you can use perfumes with mild fragrance. The revolution of perfume has traced back and today the manufacture of perfume is more of a lab based procedure. The things which make perfume luxurious products are its pricing, fragrance and packaging. After shelling out enough of money, you realise your perfume don’t stay for longer. So I have got some tips to follow make your perfume last longer.

1. Always Apply perfume before putting on your clothes

You should always apply perfumes, before putting on your cloths; this will help your perfume to last longer on your body. Always remember you should not spray your perfume from a closer distance and do it approximately 25 to 35 m away from body. Applying perfume on your body before wearing cloths helps the perfume to reactivate due to the natural heat present in the body.

2. Wash your lingerie in scented water

You can always try washing your lingerie a day before in scented water, this will let the fragrance last longer. What you need to do is, put 5 – 6 drops of scented oil in Luke warm water and then wash your lingerie.

3. Apply perfume on your pulse point

There are some specific points where a perfume needs to be sprayed. These points are called pulse points. What do I mean by pulse points, Pulse points are those points of your body where you can feel the heart beats. You can apply perfume on you wrist, mid of your throat, behind your ears and your knee back. Applying scent on your pulse point help them to reactivate the fragrance.

4. Spray perfume on your hair brush

If you have an oily scalp, and your hair starts smells very often, than you can spray a small amount of perfume on your hair brush; and comb with it once. This will help to maintain the fragrance on your hair and won’t harm the health of your hair as well.

5. Storage

Storage is a very important factor to be considered when using a perfume. Avoid storing perfumes where they can come in contact with sunlight, heat or warmth. Always store them in cool and dry place.

6. Choosing the right fragrance

Choosing a perfume totally depends on your taste of fragrances. But, try closing a milder one for summer. Do not combine 2 sets of perfumes together, it may result in a bad combinations. Flowery & fruity fragrances tend to be milder

7. Do not rub

It is always said to spray your perfume, and not to rub it.Many people have a habit of rubbing the perfume on the body part but rubbing crashes the molecules together which makes the scent disappear in the air.

8. Away from nasal

You should avoid spraying perfumes from too close. Maintain a distance of 6 inches away from nasal; this will help you to get the right amount of perfume, which in turn gives a long lasting

9. Mix Fragrances

You can use different perfumes to be sprayed on your cloths, but make it sure they belong to different brands. You may also use a deodorant or roll on before wearing the perfume. Do not mix fragrances from different families and brands

People with oily skin usually feel they are the most unlucky one , but no you aren’t often Perfume stays longer of oily skin compared to dry and sensitive skin. You can also moisturize your skin well before you wear perfume on your body. This will help to retain the smell on the body for longer.

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