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How to Remove (Uninstall) DuckDuckGo? [Latest Update 2021]

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DuckDuckGo is the greatest privacy-focused web search engine that is a true Google alternative for some users, and it is still powered by Bing (a search engine by Microsoft). While for many other Windows, iOS, Android, and other operating system users on PCs and mobile devices, DuckDuckGo is simply malware or a virus that they want to remove totally.Here we try to guide you how to remove DuckDuckgo…

We hope that this guide will assist you and anyone who want to totally remove Duckduckgo from mobile and computer browsers without causing damage to their operating systems. We’ll start with Windows and the most popular web browsers.

Before you proceed any further, make sure that your default web search engine in your favourite web browser is not DuckDuckGo, and here’s how to do that.

About DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo was started on February 29, 2008, in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, by Gabriel Weinberg. Weinberg is an entrepreneur who previously established Names Database, a now-defunct social network, in 2018. DuckDuckGo is funded through advertisements and affiliate networks. It was initially self-funded by Weinberg until 2011, when it was “backed by Union Square Ventures and a handful of individual investors.” The search engine operates on nginx, FreeBSD, and Linux and is written in Perl[14]. DuckDuckGo is mostly based on search APIs from a variety of companies. As a result, TechCrunch dubbed the service a “hybrid” search engine. Weinberg explained the name’s origins by referring to the children’s game duck, duck, goose. “Really, it just popped in my head one day and I just liked it,” he said of the name’s origins. “It is certainly influenced/derived from duck duck goose, but there is no relation, e.g., a metaphor.”[18] DuckDuckGo was a finalist in the 2008 BOSS Mashable Challenge and was featured on TechCrunch’s Elevator Pitch Friday in 2008.

The company registered the domain name ddg.gg on February 22, 2011, and acquired duck.com in December 2018, which are used as shortened URL aliases that redirect to duckduckgo.com. Weinberg started a DuckDuckGo community website (duck.co) in July 2010 to allow the public to report problems, discuss ways of spreading the use of the search engine, request features, and discuss open sourcing the code.

DuckDuckGo was self-funded until October 2011, when Union Square Ventures and other investors invested in the company. “We invested in DuckDuckGo because we became convinced that it was not only possible to change the basis of competition in search, but that it was time to do it,” said Union Square partner Brad Burnham. Trisquel, Linux Mint, and the Midori web browser have also switched to DuckDuckGo as their default search engine.

How to Remove DuckDuckGo as Your Default Search Engine

1.Open your preferred web browser (PC or mobile) 

2.Go to its Settings option (different for different browsers) 

3.Find the Search Engine option and check which search engine is your default one

 4.If it’s DuckDuckGo, click on it and add Google or any other search engine you like there

 5.Click on the Save option (mostly not needed)

This is the 100% free and simple way to remove the DuckDuckGo search engine from your computer and smartphone.

However, if it isn’t working for you, you may want to consider the following options:

How to remove DuckDuckGo from Windows computer?

You may quickly turn off DuckDuckGo in one run if you own a laptop or a personal computer with Windows 10, 8, 7, or older Windows Operating Systems installed, such as XP and Vista, and here’s how (this guide is for Windows 10):

1.Go to the Start menu by clicking on the Windows flag icon in the bottom left corner.

 2.Click on the Gear icon to go to the Settings menu.

 3.Click on Apps choices and find DuckDuckGo app, click on it, and uninstall it.

You can also find some newly added software and apps in the apps (programme and features) option, which you may uninstall to ensure that none of those apps are causing DuckDuckGo.com to open in your web browsers.

This will allow you to effortlessly remove the Duckduckgo search engine from your Windows PC and replace it with the default Google or Bing search alternatives.

How to uninstall Duckduckgo from my Windows computer’s web browsers?

When duckduckgo appears automatically in your Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser on a Windows computer, you are most likely using an extension or have installed a specialised software that is triggering this. If you’ve accomplished the first step and Duckduckgo is still irritating you, try the instructions below:

Option 1

Remove DuckDuckGo from Mozilla Firefox. The add-ons are being removed. To remove unwanted extensions from Mozilla Firefox, do the following: 

1.Open Mozilla Firefox and click on the menu icon in the top right corner of the menu bar 

2.Select Add-ons from the options under Extensions

 3.Find duckduckgo from the list of extensions and remove it 

4.You should also remove/disable other unwanted extensions to ensure duckduckgo is not being caused by them.

Option 2:

If Mozilla Firefox isn’t working for you, try resetting it using the methods below:

 1.Click on the menu icon > click on the question mark 

2.Select the Troubleshooting Information option 

3.Click on the Reset Firefox button

To thoroughly remove DuckDuckGo virus, you may need to repeat this process or click the rest firefox button more than once. So go ahead and do it.

How to uninstall DuckDuckGo on Microsoft Edge?

You should check and remove browser cookies if DuckDuckGo is your default search engine in Microsoft Edge. If it’s still there, uninstall any unwanted Edge extensions by following the simple steps below:

1.Select DuckDuckGo extension > click on the Gear icon 

2.Now click on Uninstall at the bottom of the extension

 3.You should also uninstall any other unwanted extensions and make sure they’re not causing this problem.

How to uninstall DuckDuckGo in Safari?

To completely uninstall DuckDuckGo from Safari (iOS web browser), simply follow the simple steps below:

 1.Open Safari browser > click on Safari in the menu (from top left)

 2.Proceed to select Preferences > Select Extensions and look for DuckDuckGo 

3.Once found, click the Uninstall button and remove it If everything is working fine, you are good to go.

How to get DuckDuckGo out of Chrome?

When it comes to Google Chrome, deleting DuckDuckGo is a breeze. First, go to the three-dotted menu symbol (top right corner) and select Settings. Next, select Extensions and delete any DuckDuckGo-related extensions. After that, simply follow the procedures outlined below:

1.In Chrome, click on the three-dotted menu in the upper right corner.

2.Go to the Settings menu and select Search engine.

3.Choose Google or Bing as your default search engine from the dropdown option.

That’s all; your chosen search engine will now be the default search engine for Chrome, and you’ve successfully removed Duckduckgo from Chrome.

How to remove DuckDuckGo from my Mac?

If you have a Mac, you’re probably using Mac OS, which is somewhat different from Windows OS. Here’s how to remove DuckDuckGo from Mac OS:

 1.Open the menu bar, select the Go button/option 

2.From Applications, find DuckDuckGo

 3.Once discovered, click and drag it to the Trash (or do right-click and click on Move to Trash).

If it’s operating perfectly now, that’s excellent; if you’re still experiencing problems, go to Application Support > LaunchAgents > LaunchDaemons folders and delete all duckduckgo-related files. This will assist you in removing Duckduckgo from your Mac totally.

How to uninstall DuckDuckGo from my Android device?

1.If the DuckDuckGo search engine is bugging you on your Android phone, you can get rid of it by removing the DuckDuckGo app, which you can do by going to the PlayStore and searching for DuckDuckGo.

2.DuckDuckGo will be listed as installed or with the option to open the app.

3.You’ll also notice an Eliminate button; simply click it to uninstall it.

That’s all; you may now use your preferred Android web browser, such as Opera Mini, Edge, Firefox, UC Browser, or whatever you like, as your default web browser.

How to uninstall DuckDuckGo from my iPhone or iPad?

If you want to remove DuckDuckGo from your iPhone or any other iOS device, follow these steps. You can use the same procedure as for Android: 

1.unlock your iPhone and search for the DuckDuckGo app.

 2.tap and hold on it and select the Cross icon.

3.It will be totally uninstalled from your iOS device.

Now you may set your preferred web search engine as your default browser search engine in Safari or your favourite iOS online browser. It’ll go off without a hitch.

So, that’s how you may get rid of DuckDuckGo and use your preferred web search engine instead.

Stay with us as we update this DuckDuckGo uninstalling and deleting guide.


1.Why is DuckDuckGo banned?

They want to trace your internet activity, but DuckDuckGo makes it impossible for them to do so. Students are tracked by their schools. They don’t want you to use their computers for anything that they don’t like. If the search engine is preventing them from accessing that information, they will block it.

2.Is DuckDuckGo owned by Google?

Does Google, on the other hand, own DuckDuckGo? Nope. It is unrelated to Google and was founded in 2008 with the goal of providing people with another option.

3.Is DuckDuckGo better than Google?

DuckDuckGo, which bills itself as the “search engine that doesn’t monitor you,” conducts over 1.5 billion searches per month. Google, on the other hand, processes approximately 3.5 billion queries every day. … DuckDuckGo is actually superior in many ways.

4.What is wrong with DuckDuckGo?

DuckDuckGo is a search engine that is only available to members of the DuckDuckGo community. It is adamant about ensuring that privacy is distributed across the internet. However, we uncovered one flaw that poses privacy issues. While your search words may be encrypted and transferred over your network, they appear in plain text in your browsing history.

5.Is it safe to use DuckDuckGo?

While DuckDuckGo provides search engine privacy, it can not protect you from other online hazards. Individual websites or social media platforms can still follow you and acquire your information, and cybercriminals can use social engineering tactics to target you.

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