How to speed up PC

How to speed up PC

You are thinking the same like above, Right? Your PC is slow and you want to speed it up.

Well, that’s why you are here, isn’t it the case?

The good news is that you don’t have to spend a lot of dollars to make it fast again.

Just follow the different ways below to speed up your PC. So in future you would not have to think, my PC is slow again.

1. Stop unnecessary processes.

In every PC in this world, some processes that are not needed goes on with the important ones.

In order to speed it up you have to find out the not so important ones and have to stop them.

You must be thinking How now. Right?

Well it’s easy, just press ctrl + alt + delete i.e., open task manager.

Now click on the process tab and click end process for the process you want to stop.

This is a must do thing because of the higher number of softwares in ones PC.

2. Clean junk files

Files that are of not much use are junk files and these get stored in computer and thus slow it down.

So, How to delete these files?

Click on start and then open Run.

Now enter in it %temp% and delete those files. And after deleting these files enter prefetch and do the same thing.

The files there are not of big size but since they get stored in the main folder of the system, system slows down.

3. Clean your registry

This you cannot do manually, you need to download some software for this purpose.

The best and free for this purpose. It tells you to make back up before proceeding and I also recommend you to do the same thing.

4. Uninstall unwanted programs

The thing is why keep a program when you don’t need it. Right?

Keeping unwanted programs results in more used space, more registry problems and more panic.

Well, everyone knows how to uninstall a program. So I don’t think I would need to explain this.

5. Scan your PC

With increasing number of viruses, the chances of your PC having atleast one increases.

A virus not only damages your system but slows it down too.

So I recommend you to scan your system completely too.y

6. Restart your PC

Sometimes after long hours of being on, your computer have to slow down.


Because there’s nothing much left in your computer now, it needs some rest.

It’s your turn now. Do you have any other tip? Do you have a query? Feel free to comment below.

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