How You Can Use Shah Jeera In Your Beauty Care Regimen

How You Can Use Shah Jeera In Your Beauty Care Regimen

Shah Jeera is one of the most important and common spices in India culinary history. It has been used since time immemorial in our country and even in many other countries. But other than cooking Shah Jeera can also be used for skin, hair and even for your overall health and well-being.

Let’s have a look at how you can use shah jeera in your beauty care regimen

Shah Jeera For Digestive Issues

Shah Jeera is said to be highly efficient when it comes to digestion. Shah Jeera helps in proper digestion of food. People who have digestive or gas issues can consume a glass of water with shah jeera on an empty stomach and see the benefits yourselves.

Shah Jeera For Weight loss

Shah Jeera aids in weight loss too. If you consume shah jeera on an empty stomach every day, then it will definitely help you in weight loss over time. And this is sustainable and easy weight loss.

Menstruation Issues

Shah Jeera also helps in getting rid of menstruation worries. If you consume jeera regularly then it will help to get rid of your menstrual cramps and will also regulate your menstrual cycle.


Because of tiredness or unhealthy habits, your face can become sunken or puffy, then jeera is your solution. If you consume jeera water regularly then your face puffiness can also be sorted.

Anti Ageing

Shah jeera water helps to fight against skin issues. Wrinkles and other ageing concerns can also be addressed with shah jeera.

Hair issue

Shah jeera when consumed with water is extremely beneficial for your hair. It will help to treat scalp infections and reduce your antiseptic properties and thus ensure your healthy hair growth.


Shah jeera helps to deal with pigmentation issues on your skin. If you are suffering from skin lightening or darkening issues then consume jeera water on a regular basis and your pigmentation issue will be addressed.

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