HR recruitment process of a company

HR recruitment process of a company

While building up a new company, one starts to think on the lines of planning, organizing, leading and controlling the company, its processes, its SOP’s, and most importantly the people involved in it. These people are called the labor, or more recently called the workforce of the organization.

One has to plan for many things. The type of business concerned goes around with the type of mechanics involved with it. The products, the people, the processes and the performance are now what one can call the 4 P’s of managing the organization.

While planning to recruit people for the different functions and the workflows, one has to develop an employee management program that starts with the headcount and job descriptions designing for the people to be hired. Many types and kinds of planning formats are available online, but the recruitment software constitutes the best of all operating procedures.

The recruitment software is one such ability of an organization to get the best of the best candidates for employment out of the market, and manage their competencies in a way that the top most are shortlisted to work in the organization on the required posts. Usually the recruitment software establishes a proper connection between the company and the candidates for the job. It filters out the best CV’s received for a job interview.

In previous days, there were times when a company had to do the recruitment process by itself. The process itself is a hectic one, with maximum costs involved from the process of recruitment to hiring. There were loads of people involved while the short listing of resumes was done. The HR personnel, the department heads, the job analyzer, and so on. They had to deal with the dilemma of clearing out irrelevant CV’s, filter the relevant ones, match them with job descriptions required, shortlist them ,and then telephone the candidates shortlisted.

Nowadays, with recruitment software, all this process has been minimized in terms of tension and cost. Although, the cost of development of tailored software is huge, it is a fixed cost that does not linger on again. With the software’s existence, the process of filtering out relevant CV’s and the short listing has become easy, with the clicking of a mouse.

The software works in accordance with the requirements fed in it, with respect to the jobs needed to be filled. The software also manages a huge database of CV’s for future use as well.

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