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Instagram Demands Users’ Birthdays

Instagram Demands Users' Birthdays

Instagram’s unquenchable appetite for your personal information now comes with a warning: hand it over or face the consequences.

Users will be obliged to submit their birthdays to the Facebook-owned social networking platform going forward, the business stated Monday. They won’t be able to use the service if they don’t want to cooperate.

“We’ll display you a notification a few times, and if you haven’t given us your birthdate by a certain point, you’ll need to share it to continue using Instagram,” the press release says.

Furthermore, Instagram has stated that it is working on catching users who enter bogus birthdays.

“We know that some people may provide us with the incorrect birthday, and we’re working on new mechanisms to handle this,” the business advises. “We’re utilising artificial intelligence to determine how old people are based on things like ‘Happy Birthday’ posts, as we recently shared.”

Instagram maintains that this latest data collection is in its users’ best interests, citing a March change that made it more difficult for adults to message users under the age of 18.

“This information enables us to develop additional safety measures for young people and ensures that we give the appropriate experiences to the appropriate age group,” the business claims. “For example, we can apply recent modifications we made to restrict advertiser targeting options for audiences under the age of 18 to a larger number of people using users’ birthdays.”

Instagram, on the other hand, is ready to recognise that it, too, benefits from the new regulation.

“[Knowing users’ birthdays] also allows us to offer you more relevant adverts,” says the company.

Instagram’s help centre makes it plain that once you’ve given your birthday to the corporation, there’s no way to get it back.

“Please keep in mind that once you add your birthday to your profile, it cannot be erased,” Instagram cautions.

Oh, and for those looking for a silver lining in this story — maybe Instagram’s new birthday policy would make it simpler to remember pals’ birthdays? — That hope is also dashed by Instagram.

“In addition, your birthday will not be shared with anybody else on Instagram.”

That’s all there is to it. One of the world’s most data-hungry companies has just become even more so. It’s time to sate the beast.


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