Is thyroid to blame for headache?

Is thyroid to blame for headache?

Scientists found out, that headaches and migraines can be caused by hypothyroidism, a condition, when your body doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormone. A person with a thyroid disease usually has fatigue, is in a bad mood from time to time, has hair loss, or weight loss.

For more than two decades scientists monitored the health of about 8,400 study participants. They found out, that people with various kinds of headaches were more likely to suffer from hypothyroidism. Scientists also suppose, that patients suffering from migraines are susceptible to hypothyroidism.

It should be mentioned, that 12 % of US residents suffer from migraines, and 2% of them have hypothyroidism. This condition is not as serious as heart problems for example, but it decreases the quality of life of the people. That’s why patients with hypothyroidism need special regular treatment to feel better.


“It is possible that the development of hypothyroidism in a headache patient might further increase the frequency of headache, as past studies have found that treatment of hypothyroidism reduces the frequency of headache,” study co-author Dr. Vincent Martin mentioned.

Thyroid is responsible for controlling various body’s activities, and the lack of this hormone can lead to different disorders. So, doctors should be attentive when testing patients for hypothyroidism.

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