Live Your Dreams In Mumbai, The City Of Dreams!

Live Your Dreams In Mumbai, The City Of Dreams!

Year after year, we go to different destinations for the summer vacation. Last year when my husband told we are going to Mumbai for the holidays I was ecstatic and so were the children! You see, we had heard so much about Mumbai from friends and family, about the majestic Gateway of India , the  Elephanta  Caves, about  how wonderful shopping is , and yes the Taj Mahal Hotel, we too wanted to have first-hand experience of  all these the  Aamchi Mumbai way!

‘Namaste, Welcome to Mumbai’- these words still resonate in my ears and transports me back to the unbelievable moments spent there. The one picture that got etched in my memory forever is that of how everyone here seems to be in a state of hurry- as though running out of time! This might give you a picture of heartless Mumbai but that is far from true. Let there be an accident or any other calamity and you’ll see how the whole city comes together as one in support, forgetting all their differences!

Compared to other parts of the country, I noticed that Mumbai, despite being the most cosmopolitan city of India, has a very liberal attitude towards the vast influx of immigrants from all over, making it a potpourri of different cultures. Here every festival, be it a Hindu Muslim, Parsi or Christian ones, are celebrated with equal pomp and fervor. In that tone, I would like to mention that during my visit I had the good fortune of being a part of Holi celebrations and it was an experience to remember! It was just like we see in Hindi movies if not more!
Mumbai is truly a shopper’s heaven!

There are so many places one can shop in. And the best part is- there’s something for everyone, whether you are from the higher echeleons of society or from the lowest strata. Some of the best places from where I shopped are:

Linking Road, Bandra: The most amazing aspect of this place is that street stalls and branded shops exists side-by-side! The endless number of footwear shops, with colorful shoes hanging on display is a sight to behold! In-between shopping, children ran into the nearby KFC Chicken ordering burgers while I enjoyed the tasty pani-puris on the road side eateries!

Malls in Colaba Causeway Market, Chor Bazaar: Many big malls have sprung up all over the city. Some of the best malls I visited were High Street Phoenix, Atria Millenum Mall, In-Orbit Mall and Chor-Bazaar. The kids were really going crazy buying things in Colaba Causeway market and Chor bazaar as you can find very interesting stuffs not available elsewhere.

While walking through these crowded streets, it’s better to be careful about your valuables as we found out later we had been victims of pick-pockets, must be it was clearly written on our faces that we were first timers here or country bumpkins! Another spirit dampener was the beggars that literally trail behind you, tugging at your clothes.

Also a visit to Haji-Ali, the mosque in the middle of the sea and later gorging on the famous milk-shakes you get at the entrance were simply mind-blowing. Eating pav-bhaji and having kala-khatta, flavored crushed ice on sticks, on Juhu Beach are relishing memories!

Grand Hyatt: Mumbai is dotted with many luxury abodes like Holiday Inn, Hotel Sea-Princess, etc. We opted to stay in Grand Hyatt Mumbai. Though it was a strain on our purse-strings the stay at the Grand Hyatt was worth every penny. King-size bed and Jaisalmer stone decorated rooms made us feel like royalty!  The children had to be literally dragged out of the marble bath tubs! High speed internet was a boon to us so we could keep in touch with work back home. Fruits, mineral water, mini bar kept us replenished in between meals.

Ramada Plaza Palm Grove: To be near to the beach, we later shifted to Ramada Plaza in Juhu Beach. Not just great views and plush rooms, the beach was just a step away. There was no boundary to the children’s happiness to have gotten the chance to stay near the beach. It turned out to be our best memorable holiday ever. Don’t let time or budget hamper you from enjoying this ethereal experiences. Partake in the pleasure, by booking into any of the Mumbai Hotels!

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