Make waxing easy for your skin

Make waxing easy for your skin

Let us accept it girls, for us, there is no running away from waxing.I agree, there are shortcuts like hair removal creams and shaving but the results they yield are just as not impressive, smooth and long lasting like waxing. So, love it or hate it, you cannot avoid it!!! ;) Why not learn some tips that can be used for pre wax and post wax skin care to ease out the process and avoid much post wax redness.

Hope, this article would help you somewhat…

Pre wax skin care

1. Take bath before your waxing session, preferably with an anti bacterial soap. Clean skin means there are lesser bacteria on your skin and lesser odds of getting breakouts later on.

2. Ask for an experienced attendant at the salon. You are paying for the services!! Do not shy away.

3. Make sure the waxing strips are fresh. You should also ask for your waxing spatula to be sanitized with a disinfectant.

4. Pop in a painkiller around half an hour before your session. This reduces the sensation of pain and also takes care of the post waxing inflammation. So, you will experience lesser pain and redness.

5. Rub in an anaesthetic gel like Dologel CT or any topical anesthetic for that matter over the area that needs to be waxed. It numbs the skin partly and makes the whole waxing experience a much more comfortable.

6. Exfoliating the area to be waxes also cleans off your pores from all the dead skin cells, dirt and build up. This loosens the hair in their follicles and makes them easier to wax and pluck.

7. Do not apply any astringent or toner over the area to be waxed. These tighten the hair within the pores and makes smooth waxing difficult to achieve.

8. Do not wax on sun burnt skin and acne. Also, avoid waxing around the time of your menses as skin is more sensitive around that time.

9. Before waxing, make sure, your body hair is at least 6mm in length to allow. This makes sure that there is no damage to hair follicles.

10. Also, you are not to apply any oily moisturizers or gel based moisturizers to allow wax to adhere properly to your skin and hair.

Post wax skin care

1. It is very important to take care of your skin post waxing too or it would start appearing rather unhealthy.

2. First and foremost, you should rub in some non sticky antiseptic ointment like Soframycin or Clindamycin. If you would rather stick to natural methods, take your pick from tea tree oil or aloe vera.

3. In the week following waxing, scrub the waxed area with a moderately grainy scrub.

4. Avoid clothes that are too tight as friction would irritate the skin.

5. Schedule your next appointment. Not going for regular waxing sessions and letting your body hair overgrow also causes more painful waxing.

6. Avoid swimming and direct sun exposure for 24 hours post waxing.

7. Rub in some ice over the waxed area to reduce bumps and redness.

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