Most Important Travel Items for Your Handbag

                            Most Important Travel Items for Your Handbag

Remembering everything you need to take with you when travelling can be difficult, and we have all, at some point, found ourselves realizing that we have forgotten an essential item when miles away from home or on an airplane. With the right preparation, for example by writing a check list and packing the necessities a few days before you are due to travel, the whole thing can be easy going and you won’t need to fork out extra cash on buying things you already have when on your travels.

Here are the most important travel items that you should carry in your handbag besides insurance!

Tickets, money, passport

You should have a dedicated pouch in which to keep important documents and things like your tickets, passport and emergency cash, as well as print outs of all your reservations and bookings. Print spares if possible. This way it will all be in one place and you will know where to find it, as well as be able to get to it quickly and without trawling through all your stuff. Plus, if it is all contained in a safe zip pouch, you are less likely to drop or lose bits of important documentation.


Though liquid restrictions are in place on airplanes, nobody can stop you taking on your own food, and when you see the prices charged for frugal portions of mediocre snacks on flights, trains and Eurostar travel, you will be glad you have your own. This also gives you the opportunity to take on healthy options too, so you don’t have to eat the often unhealthy food on offer.

A book or e-reader

Always have a book or some good reading material to hand. This will kill time and make the journey fly by as well as giving you something productive to do so you don’t feel like you have wasted your time on lengthy and otherwise tedious journeys. A book or a tech-handy reader will also come in handy if you run into any unexpected delays and have more time to kill than you initially thought.

Ear plugs

However you are travelling or wherever you are staying, ear plugs are practically essential if you want to guarantee a peaceful journey and get a quality night of sleep. You may think you will be OK, but it is only a matter of time before you are stuck in close vicinity to a crying baby, a serial snorer, one of those people who spends their journey noisly talking on the phone, or just a very chatty group of friends. And that’s just people. When you take into account the noise of planes, traffic, trains and so on, it seems a no brainer to take these guys with you. Inexpensive and small, too, so they take up no space at all.

A map

Take a map of wherever it is you are going, as you never know when you might get lost or need to find your hotel or a restaurant. This is especially important if you are going abroad and struggle with the language, as it can be tricky to ask for directions from locals, and you will want to keep the data turned off on your phone.

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