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Places in the World where Graffiti is Legal

Places in the World where Graffiti is Legal

                                Places in the World where Graffiti is Legal

These days graffiti has become accepted more and more as legitimate form of art. Practitioners in major cities have risen on occasion to the level of urban hero’s creating art that often speaks up against entrenched inequalities in society. Positions on graffiti waver between support for it as art and the opinion that it is just vandalism. A few cities however have take a step towards finding a middle ground and have allowed certain spaces to be used by graffiti artists. A couple of them include.


1.Hosier Lane, Melbourne Australia 

This famous spot inside the laneways of Melbourne is popular both by tourists and artists themselves. A rich variety of street art is produced here in the alley way to the extent that it has become a popularized tourist destination. It’s not only Hosier lane though that has graffiti adorning it, Melbourne – the hip city it is – has street art all around it. Even the world’s most famous graffiti artists Banksy has left a tag in the lane. Showing how graffiti is now regarded the owner of the building has placed a protective sheaf over his wall so the Banksy on it cannot be altered or damaged.


2.Warsaw, Poland 

All the way out in Eastern Europe in Poland police know when to turn a blind eye to graffiti tagging. Topiel Street in Poland provides plenty of wall space for all forms of art from writers, stencil artists, and street artists. Showing a nice dose of liberalism the Warsaw police leave the artists to their business with no hassle.

3.Queen’s New York, United States

A section has been cordoned off for sanctioned graffiti in the Queens’ neighborhood of Long Island City. Dubbed 5Pointz this area is almost totally covered in graffiti. Murals are given a certain amount of space and their exhibition time based on the quality and durability of the work. Curator Meres One decides who can create art here and the length it will stay up.


4.Nørrebro, Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen as a city is extremely free to street artists looking to ply their work. Copenhagen is teeming with artists of all varieties and they unleash some of the creativity out upon the street walls, bus shelters, and on some occasions, storefronts of the city. One place where this street art is properly sanctioned is in Noroborro near to the rail station. Here a wall has been provided for artists to decorate regularly. Space on the wall is so competitive that you have to be amongst the best to be able to ply your skills with a spray can.


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