RankBrain from Google is increasingly influencing search results

RankBrain from Google is increasingly influencing search results

The algorithm that determines which Internet pages are listed in the first positions for a particular search query on the Internet search engine Google has been a great secret for many years. In addition, Google is constantly optimizing the calculation bases and constantly incorporating new factors into the algorithm. The latest of these additions include the so-called RankBrain and DeepMind . But the evaluation of user behavior will also have an increasing influence on search results in 2021. So how to decide who gets which website to be displayed at the top of the search results is becoming increasingly complex.

The Google RankBrain

The RankBrain is a self-learning algorithm developed by Google that has been in use for a long time, but is only now gaining increasing importance. According to their own statements, the algorithm component is the most important ranking factor, alongside the content of the page and the links.

Specifically, RankBrain works as follows: If a user enters a word or phrase into the search mask that RankBrain does not yet know, the algorithm is able to independently make assumptions based on similar search queries as to which same or similar meaning the word or phrase is Phrase can have. This greatly increases the efficiency of handling never-before-seen searches.

The real artificial intelligence DeepMind

While RankBrain and Co. are just self-learning algorithms, Google is also working on real artificial intelligence . This is called DeepMind (formerly: “Google DeepMind”) and in the future is not only intended to revolutionize search queries, but above all everyday life. Although the current technology behind DeepMind is currently still based on machine learning and is therefore by definition just a neural network instead of artificial intelligence, the company is still making huge strides in this area. It is not known when and whether DeepMind will actually be used to optimize search results or if it only complements the existing algorithms to a certain extent.

Analysis of user behavior will be an important ranking factor in 2021 – along with many others

The big experts in the industry who deal with search engine optimization and the weighting of Google’s ranking factors, however, agree that Google will increasingly evaluate the user experience and take this into account when calculating search results.

In addition to the analysis of user behavior and the increasing weighting of RankBrain, according to an SEO agency from Munich , other points also play an important role in the calculation in 2021:

  • Voice search is becoming increasingly popular and therefore also more important when calculating search results
  • Internet sites optimized for mobile use will also ensure ranking improvements in 2021
  • EAT (Expertise, Authority and Trust) is becoming increasingly important
  • Long texts with a high information content are favored by Google
  • Snippets will bring more and more visitors
  • Predictive Search will get even better in 2021
  • Image optimization will play a bigger role in the search

It is increasingly important for companies that rely on Google’s traffic to get expert advice. These can be professional SEO agencies, but also so-called in-house SEO – an internal employee who is very familiar with the topic of search engine optimization.

Online marketing tools just keep getting better

Just as the Google algorithm is constantly improving, so are the online marketing tools, which advertisers in particular, but also the marketing departments of medium-sized and large companies and managing directors of smaller companies, are using. The technically most up-to-date online marketing tool with AI support networks all important functions in just one tool, the Performance Suite.

This is not only able to automate a wide variety of tasks, which significantly increases performance, it also helps users to optimize their online marketing KPIs. In addition, the tool helps in the creation of texts with AI-based success checks.

If you want to continue to be found successfully on Google under important search terms, you can no longer avoid supporting tools and other search engine optimization measures in the long term.

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