Razer develops intelligent mask against the coronavirus

Razer develops intelligent mask against the coronavirus

 As a gaming specialist, Razer actually produces mice, keyboards and headsets for gamers. To support the measures against Covid-19, Razer announced in May 2020 that it would donate one million masks to hospitals worldwide. During the Consumer Electronics Show 2021 (CES), Razer has now presented a self-developed breathing mask.

According to Razer, the concept presented under the name Project Hazel is the “most intelligent mask in the world.” The filter performance should correspond to the N95 standard, i.e. filter out at least 95 percent of the particles over 0.3 micrometers in the air we breathe. According to Razer, this should also protect against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus . The mask should therefore receive an FFP2 certification.

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Razer mask with active ventilation

The Razer mask should convince with its technical features. The mask contains active ventilation with replaceable air filters. The edges of the mask are sealed with silicone to prevent unfiltered air from entering. Conversations are still possible because Razer has installed a micro-speaker combination that records the wearer’s voice and amplifies it through the speakers.

In addition, the transparent mask has integrated lighting, which should facilitate social contacts in the dark. As is usual with many gaming products, the user can freely choose the color of the lighting.

UV light against viruses and bacteria

According to Razer, one battery charge is enough for one day to use active ventilation and lighting. The mask is charged in a charging case, which sterilizes it thanks to the integrated UV light. Existing bacteria and viruses should be killed according to Razer.

The Hazel project is currently under development. Razer has not yet announced when and at what price the mask will be launched.

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