Remedies For Weakness Of Eyesight

Remedies For Weakness Of Eyesight

Eye is very important part of our body. Balanced diet is most important for your health and your eyes. Eating those foods who rich in vitamins, calcium, copper, iodine, e.t.c . Vegetables and fruits,such as spinach, leafy green vegetable because green pigment improve eyesight.

Fish is full of iodine and also have huge amount of omega-3 fatty acid who gives you benefit for your eyes.Carrot is one of the best home remedy for weak eyesight because carrot is rich of nutrients and highly amount of  vitamins.Use carrot as a salad. Carrot juice is good for eyesight because it enhance the good vision and prevent related vision problem.

Take 1 table spoon of fennel seed, 1 table spoon of coriander seed, 2 table spoon of rock sugar then grind it all these three things use daily this mixture is improve the eye weakness.

Some time eyesight weakness due to internal problem or your brain because retina have black paper in front or your eye image. Nutrients are most important for your eyes protection. Intake nutrients such as vitamin C, zinc and omega-3, fatty acid help to prevent vision problem. Fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients like spinach, black currant, fish, eggs, oranges and nuts.Oranges are good for your health but also improve the weak eyesight because oranges have huge amount of vitamin C.

Some major problem of eyes is weakness of eye. Such as difficulty to focus, watery eye, headache, pain in shoulder and neck.The common reason of weakness of eyesight to excessive use of unbalance diet and electronic device such as laptop, T.V, computer and video games. Day by day increase the eyesight of weakness it cause headache and neck and shoulder pain in your eye.

Fennel seeds and almonds are the major ingredient to promote your eyesight. It improve the weak eyesight. Add 1 cup of almond, fennel, rock sugar or sugar in equal quantity. Grind it with the help of grinder into fine powder. Eat before going to bed with the warm milk. Use at least forty days. It give better result to improving eyesight.

Take a few black currants with 1 glass of milk. Drink early in the morning before meal. Its beneficial for weakness of  eyesight. Another tip is, add 4 almond, pinch of Anne seed and few rock sugar use at night it keep your eyesight good and get improve your eyes weakness.

This remedy used daily for good vision. Soak 11 almonds in one glass of milk and dip for whole night. Drink this almond milk at morning before meal. Its remedy for weakness of eye convert into a good result. It is very effective for eyesight. Take 100 g of rock sugar, 100 g of almonds, 100 g of fennel and 100 g of white pepper powder. Grind it well saved in the form of powder. Every morning use before meal otherwise it used at night before sleeping.

This remedy is used for weak eyesight. Take 1/2 kg fried gram seed and 1/4 kg almonds, rock sugar, fennel seed in same quantity. All these ingredients shake it well. This mixture used in the morning before meal or night before going to bed. Use this mixture with 1 glass of milk.

Asparagus is also good home treatment to improving eyesight. Asparagus is a herb to help of  improve the weakness of eye. Take 1 table spoon of asparagus, 1/2 table spoon of honey. Make a mixture and used daily with warm milk. Do  it twice a daily and continue this process. It is very effective remedy to enhance eyesight weakness.

Another home made treatment to stimulate weakness of eyesight. Mix almonds, fennel, green cardamom seeds, black cardamom seeds and black pepper. Take  all these ingredients in same quantity. Add rock sugar equal to weight of these ingredients. Mix it and grind well into fine powder. Take 1 table spoon of this mixture day and night. used as a course for 5 months. This treatment reduce the weakness of eye and also build inn eye health.

Gooseberry(Amla) rich in vitamin C ,  therefore it is an anti-oxidant. It promotes to  healthy eyesight and help to proper functioning of eyes. Gooseberry is excellent treatment  for improve your eyesight. Add 4 table spoon of gooseberry juice in 1 cup of water. Drink twice a day in the morning and evening daily.

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