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Special Care Health Insurance

Special Care Health Insurance

Special Care Health Insurance

Special Care Health Insurance is not the same as Special Care, Inc. While the latter is a home care for the mentally impaired children, Special Care provides health coverage. They have been for over 70 years. They have been providing affordable options that don’t cut the corners of quality care.

The biggest perk about Special Care Health Insurance is that there will be no claim forms throughout their participating group of providers. Special Care Health Insurance directly pays the medical facility or health care provider for you. Isn’t it amazing that you won’t have to fill out seemingly endless paperwork?

Another amazing benefit is that physical exam is not required to apply in their company. Since health is the main reason why you want to apply for health coverage, it is but just appropriate that you use it for health reasons. It won’t take a lot of effort from you just to be able to avail of their services.

Their program is made for people who are not eligible to Medical Assistance or Medicare and don’t have the funds for a private health insurance. Although, of course, there are still requirements to enter their program that has a lot of benefits. One should not have any membership to government or private health insurance companies. Plus, they should also meet the guidelines for Special Care family size income. A family size of one can have a maximum income of almost twenty three thousand American dollars and a family of 8 cannot go above eighty thousand US dollars.

When they qualify for the health care coverage, one of the services that will be covered are newborn care up to thirty days after birth of the newborn. Maternity care is also covered for members who are pregnant. The insurance company also covers chemotherapy and radiation therapy if the doctor advised a patient has to go through the treatments.
Diagnostic services are also covered by the company. For emergency care, they will pay fifty dollars but it is waived when a patient is admitted. In cases that emergency care is immediately followed by surgery and anesthesia, members don’t have to worry because it’s also included in the benefits plan.

The insurance will only pay for hospitalization twenty one days at a time. If a patient stays beyond that during hospitalization, he or she will be responsible for accruing bills.
Once you apply, you will know at once if you’re eligible or not. There is not waiting time.

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