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Strokes signs, symptoms and treatment

Strokes Signs, symptoms and treatment

Strokes Signs, symptoms and treatment

Brain attacks or strokes can be one of the most life-threatening events in someone’s life. It is also referred to as the brain attack, and to stay a step ahead of such a misfortunate happening, you have to know what can trigger it. Strokes occur when a part of your brain stops receiving the blood it should. The cells in your brain that need the oxygen to survive start dying and result in a dangerous situation. When people fail to understand the symptoms of a stroke, there can be permanent damage to the brain and can even lead to death. To prevent this medical emergency, know everything that you need to avoid it.

What is a stroke?

Like we mentioned before when the flow of blood to the brain is blocked or interrupted in any way it can lead to a stroke. When the flow of blood to the brain is reduced automatically, the supply of nutrients and oxygen is also reduced. It causes the death of brain cells. More number of people in the world are under the constant threat of being attacked by a stroke. To prevent a stroke, it has to be treated and identified as fast as possible.

What are the types of strokes?

The treatment you receive for stroke will depend on the kind of stroke that you had. There are two types of strokes. Let’s see what they are.

  • Ischemic Stroke.

This stroke is similar to the one that can cause a heart attack, but the only difference is it happens in the brain’s blood vessels. When clots start to appear in the blood vessels present in the brain or the clot that occurs somewhere else moves to the brain, and Ischemic stroke occurs. The clots become the reason as to why the blood stops flowing in the brain cells. Majority of the strokes are Ischemic in nature. The deposition of fat can also clog the blood vessels in the brain.

  • Hemorrhagic Stroke.

Due to the rupture or breakage of a blood vessel in the brain, this stroke can occur. When a blood vessel is ruptured, blood starts to damage the brain cells.  Brain aneurysms and high blood pressure can be the reason behind such a rupture. Brain Aneurysms mean when the walls of the blood vessels start to thin or cause weakness.

Symptoms of a stroke

To know whether or not it is a stroke, you have to know the right symptoms of it. So, what are the symptoms?

  1. A part of the body feels numb or weak. It can be either happen to a part of your leg, arm or face.
  2. You might feel that the vision is becoming blurry. It can happen to either of the eyes or even both.
  3. When you fail to understand what is going on around you. Problems may arise as you try to talk.
  4. An excessive headache without any proper reason.
  5. You find it hard to stand or walk. There is a lot of unsteadiness.
  6. When you face uncontrollable bowel movements.
  7. Rise in temperature.
  8. The onset of depression.
  9. Drooping of the face if a person tries to smile.
  10. When you fail to lift your arm upwards.

It is time to call an ambulance and go to the hospital as fast as possible. The faster the treatment starts, the more will be the chances to live.

How can you prevent a stroke from occurring?

If you want to stay far away from strokes, then you have to treat the causes of it. The best way to achieve a healthy life is by fighting for it. These are the few ways you should incorporate in your life.

  1. Start eating healthy. The faster, the better. Say no to everything that is processed, junk or has high fat in it.
  2. You shouldn’t be obese. Weighing more than you should is attracting stroke and other health problems.
  3. If you are a smoker, then you should quit right now.
  4. No alcohol or drinking a moderate amount of it occasionally.
  5. Engaging in some form of physical activity. Try to be more active. Buy a pair of running shoes or a new swimsuit to encourage yourself. Check out the great offers at VoucherBucket to know more.

Rather than being afraid of a medical emergency, it is better to take the precautions from before. Lead a life that is healthy and stress-free to see the positive results in your health. If you are interested to know about Famke Janssen face, you can take help from Google and Wikipedia.

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