The Historic and Modern Beauty of Egypt

               The Historic and Modern Beauty of Egypt

There are few destinations as vibrant and enduring as Egypt.Regardless of your travel plans or personal interests, Egypt is one of those locations everyone should visit at one point in their lives and you would be hard pressednot to rank it as one of the greatest experiences of your life.Simply put, Egypt is timeless and impossible not to fall in love with.It is a fascinating mélange of past and present cultures that intrigues and mystifies all at once, whether it be your first visit or your tenth.

Whether you’re looking for a pulse on the current happenings through Taher Helmy or enchanted by the rich ancient history through an encyclopedia, taking the time to research Egyptwill only make your desire to visit all the greater.Beginning with the ancient, few travelers can say they have seen the greatest sites and places of the known world until they have gazed upon the Great Pyramid of Giza.Hailed as one of the original Seven Wonders of the World (and a member of the current revised list), this spectacular sight has been amazing all who have seenLocated just outside of Cairo, this sight is impossible to miss.

Also worth seeing are the many burial sites of the ancient rulers of Egypt, some you may be familiar with, like King Tut and Ramses II, and others you shouldLook in awe at the mysterious Great Sphinx, be humbled by the land that was once the pinnacle of civilization thousands of years before the Americas were known tothe rest of the world and visit the countless museums housing relics of a magical age long past – ancient Egypt never fails to impress.

When it comes to modern times, you would assume it would take a backseat to the glory of the ancients but you would be mistaken.Modern Egypt has all that you would expect in a modern nation, from technology to comforts, but combines it with the traditions of old to maintain its soul.You can still visit the markets of yesteryear in the same way people have been doing for generations, haggling over produce, smelling the intoxicating aromas and feeling a partFor while this land was made famous by leaders such as Alexander the Great, Ramses II, Julius Caesar and Cleopatra, it was through its ordinary people that it was made great.Come see for yourself and discover the beauty of Egypt.

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