Home Technology TikTok started layoffs, Bolo Indya app said, we will hire

TikTok started layoffs, Bolo Indya app said, we will hire

TikTok started layoffs, Bolo Indya app said, we will hire

TikTok started layoffs, Bolo Indya app said, we will hire

TikTok’s parent company has started evacuating its employees from India. TikTok’s return to India is difficult now and due to this, 1,800 employees of the company in India can be fired. However, at the moment it is not clear whether the company will take out everyone or make the team smaller. 

Meanwhile, the short video platform app made in India, Bolo Indya, has talked about hiring the employees removed from Tittock. These hiring will be for different domains. 

These include domains such as business development, user engagement, product management, community management, content strategy, content moderation functions. Apart from this, the company will also be hiring at senior level positions to increase the leadership team. 

The company has recently announced new funding. The company said that advance level talks are being held regarding funding. They will get new funding soon. 

He will use it to strengthen his Bolo Meets platform along with his team. This will also introduce new interactive tools. Which will further strengthen the content monetization.

Varun Saxena, CEO and founder of Bolo Indya said that Indian talent is getting wasted by the ban on Chinese app in India. The Indians working in these companies are highly talented and enthusiastic. We are quite keen on some of them. We want to make them a part of our journey. Which become financially strong with social capital. Also, improve the user experience of the app by using the company’s platform.

The Chinese company ByteDance has sent an internal memo to its employees. In which it has been said that in India, he will reduce the size of his team. We hope that this situation will be resolved soon. It further states that we cannot work with the entire staff if the application is banned. We do not know when we will return to India.

Recently, the Indian government banned 59 apps, including TicketLock, forever. After reviewing the policy of users’ data and apps, they were banned forever. After which news of layoffs of employees came from Tittock. The ban on Chinese apps started last year after tensions over the India-China border.

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