Tomb Raider sequel on Netflix

Tomb Raider sequel on Netflix

Streaming giant Netflix is consistently pursuing its strategy of targeting gamers : Konami’s vampire action ” Castlevania ” has already featured three seasons of an anime series, the real-life version of ” The Witcher ” starring Henry Cavill (“Superman”) has become one the most successful Netflix series ever, which is not only to be continued, but also to be supplemented by a prequel and an anime series.

In addition, ” Edgerunners ” has been announced for 2022 – the anime version of the upcoming sci-fi action role-playing game ” Cyberpunk 2077 “. Realizations of ” Splinter Cell ” and ” Assassin’s Creed ” are created in cooperation with Ubisoft.

And now fans can look forward to a series with Lara Croft . In the ” Tomb Raider ” adaptation, however, she is neither played by Angelina Jolie nor played by Alicia Vikander , but is supposed to be a computer-generated character: This series is also designed as an anime. Tasha Huo is responsible for the script and is also in charge of “The Witcher: Blood Orange”.

The Netflix Twitter account reveals when the plot is chronologically: “The most iconic heroine of video games is animated! Tomb Raider is a new anime series from Legendary that follows Lara Croft’s adventures after the events of the reboot trilogy of the video game. ” The titles appeared between 2015 and 2019.

Do you know  F95zone is also the most popular game among the gaming communities at present?

“Tomb Raider” as a Netflix animation series

The Netflix plans do not seem to be very far advanced, because there is nothing more than the short tweet. In other words: Neither details of the plot are currently known, nor when a publication can be expected.

Only the hint that the story is set after the last game trilogy reveals a first piece of the puzzle. Because the last three games showed the young Lara Croft in the events that shaped her into the strong woman that you experienced in the earlier games. In the animation series, Lara will be a bit more mature than in the last game trilogy. Apart from this if you want to know more about Soap2day, you can take help from

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