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Top 6 Beautiful Places to visit in India 2021

Top 6 Beautiful Places to visit in India 2021

Top 6 Beautiful Places to visit in India

This summer you want to visit India, read this Top 6 Beautiful Places to visit in India 2021. Before Travel to India better traveler know about best place to travel and best destinations and attractions fit with budget and holiday plan. This best place to travel to India is a reference before the trip for fun. Top 6 Beautiful Places to visit in India 2017 is one of best places to visit during cool vacation.

With the rainy season to take action, most people want to make a ball in their bed with a good book and a cup of steaming coffee; Think only ill-seen in the rain. But for most bitten by Wanderlust travelers like us, here are some amazing places to visit in July and check out the list of your trip. On the other hand, most places in India already cut the price in the rainy season!

1. Shillong, Meghalaya – Top 6 Beautiful Places to visit in India 2021
Bara Pani, Shillong, (Source)

Bara Pani, Shillong (Source)
Known as the “East Scotland” due to the hills and peaks around the city, Shillong during the rainy season is the right place visited when you saw a lot of rain and less tourists that makes the right time to visit. Lush Misty hills, high waterfalls and a full lake that must be seen and the fact that it is away from the bustling city has retained its charm.
2. Orchha, Madhya Pradesh – Top 6 Beautiful Places to visit in India 2017

Orchha Palace (Source)

Orchha Palace (Source)


The historic city of palaces and temples nestled between forests and vegetation is encouraged in the rainy season. The rain gives rural charm. Betwa River is one of the important rivers in Madhya Pradesh, has seven rivers converge in Orchha giving it an aspect of seeing. In general, Madhya Pradesh receives less precipitation and one is seldom malignant, so it Orchha ideal destination to steer during the rainy season.
3. Goa – Top 6 Beautiful Places to visit in India 2021

Anjuna Beach, Goa (Source)

Monsoon at Anjuna Beach, Goa (Source)
Goa, in the rainy season has more to offer than just its beaches. Refreshing rain touch of color and nature of the country. Goa has a large amount of natural reserve Mollem National Park and Cotigao Nature Reserve very favored during the rainy season. The magnificent Dudhsagar Falls, located near the Mollem National Park, is best during the rainy season. Quiet cruises along the Mandovi River is another thing you can do here. July being the low season, the rates are quite cheap, but most of the lifeguards on the beach and water activities can be closed.

Have complete the best places to travel information can help travelers for fun holiday with effective and efficient. If before trip, travelers already know about places to visit, best cheap places to travel, best attractions and spots will help make vacation more fun and happy.

4. Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh – Top 6 Beautiful Places to visit in India 2021
Hills near Dalhousie (Source)

Hills near Dalhousie (Source)
Practical built over five hills, what better place to visit in the rainy season than this? Dalhousie in July received a light rain that makes this place quite nice. In addition to inviting lush green everywhere, they even had many adventures have sporting activities. Best scenic beauty, Dalhousie is not one to disappoint during the rainy season.
5. Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir – Top 6 Beautiful Places to visit in India 2021
Kargil, Ladakh(Source)

Kargil, Ladakh (Source)
These mountain places and the beautiful monasteries, it is best achieved here solitude. With a little rain, a beautiful Pagong lake, Rocky Mountains and picturesque Nubra Valley and motorcycles and you’re ready to enrich ride. June to September is the high season in Ladakh, but you could beat most of the crowd if you are planning a trip through Leh.
6. The Valley of the flowers, Uttarakhand – Top 6 Beautiful Places to visit in India 2021
Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand (Source)

Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand (Source)
Any name difficult to pronounce interest and opportunities you will find here. Valleys bloom in July carpeted with flowers and a lot of exotic as well; Wild Roses, Blue Corydalis, Saxifrage, geraniums to name a few. July was easily the best time to visit the valleys flourishes with great natural expansion, as the place is literally flourishing in the rainy season.
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