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Your travel can contribute to the growth of the economy!

Travel Growth Economy

For many of us, travelling around the world is a dream, and we each have our own reasons for wanting to do it. Some claim it’s a form of meditation for them, while others desire to learn about foreign cultures. For some, travel is a source of joy, while for others, it is a welcome reprieve from their otherwise mundane lives. Regardless of your motivation, we should travel as much as possible because it contributes to our total personality development.

Travel Growth Economy

Traveling essentially requires two factors: time and money.

People usually work for a living, save some money, and then travel with that money. Some people pay their journey by doing freelance work such as digital marketing, website creation, and so on. However, we now witness a new trend in which some people claim to be able to travel without spending any money. We see a lot of these types of messages on social media, where people appeal for help with food or lodging because they are travelling without money. On YouTube, there are many content creators that post videos on travel and explain how they were able to travel with no money or very little money by hitchhiking and relying on other people for food and lodging. And what astounds me the most is the adoration that these posts receive from a significant number of individuals who admire their audacity.

I’d like to state right now that I have nothing against anyone that does it or promotes it. They are free to live the life they desire. But wasn’t it always the case that if you don’t have any money, you can’t travel? My issue is with the current practise of relying on others to cover your vacation expenses. In some ways, it’s similar to begging, only you’re doing it for the sake of travel, whereas a big portion of the population is doing it for basic survival. Work for it and spend your own money if you are so passionate about travel.

Some people may make the excuse that they wish to travel but don’t have the funds to do so. To them, I would advise them to first concentrate on advancing their careers, and then travel with the money they make. If your financial situation is poor, it is your job to rectify it before moving on to other things.

Isn’t hitchhiking, on the other hand, a form of begging? It is not begging if you are in a scenario where you are unable to get transportation due to unanticipated circumstances and seek for assistance. If you’re doing it solely to save money for your trip, however, it’s begging. You knew you’d be travelling from point A to point B, and you could have budgeted for private or public transportation. Instead, you chose to stand by the side of the road, holding a sign and requesting a free ride.

What about complimentary meals and lodging? If you rely on people for food and lodging while travelling, you are begging in the same way that someone begging for basic survival requirements is begging. The only difference is that they ask for it outright, whilst you ask for it quietly. Some could describe what we do as couch surfing or staying with locals to learn about their culture. If you want to do it, I recommend staying in a homestay and paying for it. If you want to stay with a local family and are concerned that offering money will offend them, give them a gift as a mark of thanks.

Volunteering for food or lodging is something I see a lot on social media. If you’re doing it to support a good cause, it’s a fantastic thing to do. If you’re doing it to fund your trip, it’s still acceptable because you’re putting in some effort in exchange for your food, lodging, or whatever you get in return. However, if you’re doing it in a foreign country, be cautious and verify the rules first. When you’re on a tourist visa, you’re usually not allowed to work for pay, and doing so could get you in trouble.

Some trends are not to be followed, and this one is certainly not one of them. Consider what might happen if a large number of individuals were motivated by these no-money travellers and began travelling similarly. When you visit to a new location and spend money there, you help to support that location’s economy. However, if you do not spend any money, you are simply a drain on the area and its economy.

If you don’t have any, go out and get some. If you’re on a tight budget, take public transit, stay in hostels or homestays, and eat at dhabas or roadside kiosks. On the internet, there is a wealth of information about low-cost travel possibilities. Make a budget-friendly trip plan after conducting careful study.

What’s the purpose of travelling if you’re constantly concerned about your next meal and where you’ll stay next?

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